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Submitted By:bluetwo
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Can you decipher this phrase:


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Posted by speedyg100012/02/02
nice teaser. I wouldn't of though of it but it was pretty easy to solve.

Posted by bluetwo12/03/02
yeah, it was pretty easy. i thought of it because i was flipping through the channels one night and saw a rerun of the old sitcom starring kirk cameron and alan thicke. did you know that leonardo dicaprio also starred in the last season, as luke, the runaway taken in by the seavers family?

Posted by electronjohn12/03/02
This opens up a whole new area of Rebus, the TV show Rebus! How about "TheFaALLmily" (All in the Family) or BROTHER (Big Brother) or even "Sun-rock-rock-[Rock]" for Third Rock from the Sun. 8^)

Posted by bluetwo12/03/02
hey electronjohn, i like the third rock from the sun, lol! back in the days when we were submitting the super easy rebuses, i had a few classic movie ones, like GwOiNnEd, holiROMEday, etc... =)

Posted by speedyg100012/03/02
maybe you should eneter those in...seaSLEEPLESSttle...

Posted by Hana_Kimi04/11/06
Nice and easy. Just the way i like them. :lol:

Posted by oddrey08/20/07
It was pretty good, even if it was really easy.

Posted by Matttoy02/11/08
Great brain teaser. I was very easy but still good job.


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