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Submitted By:ElectronJohn
Fun:*** (2.28)
Difficulty:**** (3.13)

You are a Special Agent who has just found a nuclear bomb hidden on a waste barge in the USA and it is set to go off in 3 minutes. Luckily, it has a keypad to enter a six digit disarm code, and you happen to have found what looks to be the disarm code on a dead terrorist. Unfortunately it is written in some kind of crazy letter code and you have to decode it fast. The code you found is "PS PP LDPE V HDPE PETE". What number do you enter to save the day?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by MysticGohan78902/07/03
Question? Has anyone gotten this right

Posted by electronjohn02/07/03
I posted this question on another site without the answer and a couple of clever people responded with the right answer. But I admit this is not an easy one. If you are looking for an easy one check out my "Off the Wall" riddle. Now that is easy.

Posted by Codammanus02/11/03
I knew that the bottles were the key. Too bad I didn't get up to check until after I gave up! (Gratification lost). Oh well, good-no excellent teaser.

Posted by Codammanus02/11/03
Was this an original? Kudos if true.

Posted by electronjohn02/12/03
Yes this is an original. I came up with it in the shower one morning after I picked up a shampoo bottle I had dropped and noticed the recylce code on the bottom.

Posted by jimbo08/08/03
I had no idea. I think the soft drink bottles are referred to as PET in Australia. The rest I haven't seen although there are numbers in the base referring to the recycling types. Unless you work in a related industry, not many people would know the chemical composition and abbreviation for all types of recyclable plastics. The information was interesting but I would regard this puzzle as impossible for someone with my own experience.

Posted by electronjohn08/08/03
In the US anyway everyone has seen those recycle codes. Most of us do not pay them any attention though. That is why I liked the idea of this teaser, because everyone does have a chance at solving it as long as they have paid attention to the everyday things in their lives (you do not have to be a chemical expert). Maybe outside of the US they do not use those codes everywhere, but that is why I stated that the barge was in the USA.

Posted by stevier31604/24/05
Geez that was hard! :wink:

Posted by lukeschett04/12/07
I got the bottle thing but i didn't know what each number the codes were.


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