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I am pleased that my little study hall presentations have been so well received. Though few of you have actually seen one, the number of requests for future participation has been overwhelming. (My pleasure would have been greater if my teaching name, Miss Hoehne, had not morphed into "Ms. Zany.")
I want to thank the interns who made it possible for me to escape some of my administrative duties. Without their help, I would not have had the time to proctor an occasional study hall. With their approaching departure, the presentations will come to an end or, at least, an indefinite hiatus.
Next week will be your last chance for a while to witness any of these presentations. All five of the current crop will be recreated and consolidated for recording in Fink College's video studio. (One fifth of a mile from our campus.) It is already clear the studio's size will not accommodate everyone interested and eligible, so the following questions have been made part of the elimination process. (The formal application provides spaces for the answers.)

Twelve items are to be divided into groups of three or four items. The items in the group will be listed, e.g. 1, blue, bench, A. You will guess a target arrangement, e.g. bench, A, 1, blue. You will score one point for each match, e.g. If the target established beforehand is "bench, A, blue, 1," your guess would score two points. To maximize your score, do you choose to guess about three groups of four items or about four groups of three items?

The described test would use our school's computer network, so it will be possible to tell when exactly 250 tests have been completed. Of the first 250 pupils completing these tests, how many will have scored exactly eleven points?


Declaring what has been implied: blanks and repetition are prevented by use of the school's computer system.

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