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Hail to the Chef

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Larry and four of his friends recently completed a creative cooking course. They were so confident of their new skills that each man hosted a dinner for the other four and their wives. On each night Monday through Friday, one of the men prepared a main course and a dessert, and no two made any of the same dishes. For each evening, determine the full name of the chef, the main course and the dessert he served.

First Name - Larry, Harry, Barry, Gary, Terry
Last name - O'Rourke, McKee, O'Neil, Owens, McPhail
Main courses - chicken, ham, pork chops, bacon, steak
Desserts - strawberry shortcake, pistachio parfait, cherry cobbler, mocha mousse, raspberry ripple

1. Mr. O'Neil hosted dinner later in the week than the man who served chicken & cauliflower and earlier than the one who served cherry cobbler for dessert.
2. Harry hosted dinner before Mr. Owens, who hosted before the man who prepared pork chops & peppers.
3. Mr. McPhail's dinner was later in the week than the one which included strawberry shortcake and earlier than Terry's.
4. The chicken dinner (which wasn't prepared by Harry) wasn't served with strawberry shortcake.
5. McPhail didn't serve the raspberry ripple, which was served the day before the bacon & broccoli main course.
6. Mr. Owens prepared neither the chicken dish nor the strawberry shortcake.
7. Gary (who didn't make the cherry cobbler) was the chef the night after Barry.
8. Terry (who isn't McKee) didn't prepare the steak & scallions main course.
9. The mocha mousse dessert wasn't served with the ham & hominy.
10. The pork chops weren't served by McKee or O'Rourke (who didn't make the cherry cobbler).
11. Harry isn't Mr. McKee or Mr. O'Rourke.


Monday - Larry McKee, chicken, raspberry ripple
Tuesday - Harry O'Neil, bacon, strawberry shortcake
Wednesday - Barry Owens, steak, cherry cobbler
Thursday - Gary MacPhail, pork chops, mocha mousse
Friday - Terry O'Rourke, ham, pistachio parfait

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