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How Do Ya Like Them Apples?

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Since the fall air was crisp and clear, five friends (Francis, Norman, Oscar, Rachel, and Sarah) journeyed to Adam's Apple Orchard for an afternoon of apple picking. After gathering their bushels of apples, they retired to the orchard's visitor's center, where each person bought a different delicious apple treat: apple cider, apple doughnut, apple pie, apple turnover, and candied apple made with a different type of apple: Cortland, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan, and Rome Beauty. To complete the perfect afternoon, the five friends enjoyed a dusk hayride through the nearby woods, making this day the apples of their eyes! From the information provided, can you determine the apple treat purchased by each person and type of apple from which it was made?

1. Francis bought the apple pie baked with Golden Delicious apples. Rachel purchased a scrumptious apple donut (which wasn't the treat made with Cortland apples).

2. Sarah bought the apple turnover. Oscar isn't the one who purchased the jug of apple cider.

3. Norman purchased the treat made from Rome Beauty apple. The candied apple was made with Jonathan apple.


Francis: apple pie, Golden Delicious
Norman: apple cider, Rome Beauty
Oscar: candied apple, Jonathan
Rachel: apple doughnut,Granny Smith
Sarah: apple turnover, Cortland

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