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Pablo the Wise Man I

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Three hundred years ago, there was a Wise Man named Pablo. He worked as a blacksmith, but he was the cleverest in the land of Serbia, and because of this, people were always trying to outsmart him- and failing. The main culprit of this was Pablo's friend, Billy, who was quite jealous of Pablo and was forever devising challenges that Pablo found tiresome.

One day, Pablo was returning home from church in a massive horse and cart. When he got home, his heart sank when he saw Billy with a massive, smug grin.

Billy said to Pablo, 'I bet you two week's wages that you can't go down that narrow alley without touching the sides! That cart is simply enormous!'

Billy was certain he would finally beat Pablo, but Pablo won the bet easily. How come?


Billy didn't say to drive down the alley in the horse and cart, he just said to go down the alley! Pablo promptly walked down the alley several times before returning to a red-faced Billy.

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