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Word Grid 6

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Arrange 25 five-letter words in a 5-by-5 grid. The five words in each row share a common letter. The five words in each column share a common letter. The five words in each diagonal share a common letter. There are 12 different common letters.

The grid cells are identified by row (1 to 5, top to bottom) and column (1 to 5, left to right). Example: Cell 3.2 identifies Row 3 Column 2.

The words are: adobe, bugle, clang, dairy, devil, drift, glove, grimy, gruel, lofty, merit, mound, moves, nymph, pivot, plumb, prize, scrub, skirt, snail, spray, stove, thank, tribe, yeast.

One letter of each word is provided in the grid.
Row 1: y c g l u
Row 2: a m d v i
Row 3: s h p o r
Row 4: e l b s k
Row 5: o a i e t


grimy clang bugle glove gruel
dairy mound adobe devil drift
spray nymph plumb pivot prize
yeast snail scrub moves skirt
lofty thank tribe stove merit

Common Letters
Rows 1 to 5: g, d, p, s, t
Columns 1 to 5: y, n, b, v, r
Diagonals 1 and 2: m, l

1) Cell 1.2 contains "c", and must be either "clang" or "scrub". Cell 3.2 contains "h", and must be either "nymph" or "thank". Cell 1.2 is "clang", since "scrub" shares no letters with "nymph" or "thank". The words in Column 2 must share "a" or "n". Cell 2.2 contains "m", but there is no word that also contains "a". The words in Column 2 must share "n". The only word that contains both "l" and "n" is "snail" ("clang" already used). Cell 4.2 is "snail". By similar reasoning, Cell 5.2 is "thank", Cell 3.2 is "nymph", and Cell 2.2 is "mound".
2) Cell 4.5 contains "k", and must be "skirt". Cell 1.5 is "gruel" (contains "u" and shares a letter with "skirt"; "scrub" would not fit, since the only shared letter with "clang" is "c", which only appears twice). The words in Column 5 must share "r".
3) The words in Diagonal 2 must share "l". Cell 3.3 is "plumb" (contains "l" and "p"). The words in Diagonal 1 must share "m" ("u" will not work, since there are not enough unused "u" words). Cell 1.1 is "grimy" (contains "m" and "y"), Cell 4.4 is "moves" (contains "m" and "s"), and Cell 5.5 is "merit" (contains "m" and "t"). The words in Row 3 must share "p" ("m" already assigned). Cell 3.1 is "spray" (contains "p" and "s"), Cell 3.4 is "pivot" (contains "p" and "o"), and Cell 3.5 is "prize" (contains "p" and "r").
4) The words in Row 4 must share "s". Cell 4.3 is "scrub" ("s" and "b"). The words in Column 3 must share "b". Cell 1.3 is "bugle" ("b" and "g"), Cell 2.3 is "adobe" ("b" and "d"), and Cell 5.3 is "tribe" ("b" and "i").
5) The words in Row 1 must share "g". Cell 1.4 is "glove" ("g" and "l").
6) Cell 5.1 is "lofty" ("l" and "o"). Cell 2.4 is "devil" ("l" and "v").
7) The words in Row 5 must share "t". The words in Column 4 must share "v". Cell 5.4 is "stove" ("t" and "v").
8) Cell 4.1 is "yeast" ("s" and "e").
9) The words in Column 1 must share "y". Cell 2.1 is "dairy".
10) The words in Row 2 must share "d". Cell 2.5 is "drift".

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