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Sister Bunneefied was examining her religious vestments in the orphanage where she worked. The items below were hanging in her closet:

Hanger 3: soiled-beyond-redemption cape
Wall Hook: worn and tattered tunic that was beyond salvation
Doorknob: even the devil wouldn't be caught dead in that frayed and seam-ripped wimple
Hangers 4, 14, 26: veils and scapulars full of holes and tears

She quietly and methodically gathered each of them up and put them in the orphanage donation box for the poor.

What was she doing and ... what's the rebus?


getting rid of bad habits

Obviously she belonged to a religious order that refers to the things they wear as "habits". Several different religions use this terminology. It's just another name for "uniform", or "vestments", and is a "costume" characteristic of a certain calling, rank, or function within those religious orders.

Hint shows "force of habit" (four "habits" = "fours of habit" = "force of habit".)

Cape, tunic, wimple, scapular, and veil are specific names for various types of this clothing or categories of raiment.

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