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"Family Guy" Clue

Submitted By:Ginge
Fun:** (1.71)
Difficulty:* (0.24)

There have been murders in the Griffin household. Conclude who was killed by whom and how.

Killers: Peter, Stewie, Chris

Victims: Lois, Meg, Brian

Weapons: Gun, Knife, Rope

What you know:
1) Peter killed Meg.
2) Stewie shot someone to death.
3) Chris did not kill Brian or strangle anyone to death.


Peter strangled Meg with the rope.
Stewie shot Brian with the gun.
Chris stabbed Lois with the knife.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jordy5604/28/11
Easy but good teaser

Posted by westbrook104/29/11
It was pretty easy... good though! :D :D

Posted by princess200704/30/11
Nice. I really think you should come up with another teaser along the same lines but with a greater difficulty level. The idea is pretty good. :D

Posted by Quarter_Queen05/11/11
Pretty easy, but Queen loves the idea! :)

Posted by BrokenHearted05/22/11
This was a good start to a great teaser-maker. Really creative. =]

Posted by mrsfessler05/22/11
You have a sick mind.

Posted by mrsfessler05/22/11
:D My kids love Family Guy

Posted by J-Five06/14/11
You forgot the "Evil Monkey"

Posted by coolcat10120207/13/11
Love how it fit in witht the series. it makes sense that stewie would murder brian.

Posted by tacos-rule07/13/12
...Shouldn't Stewie have killed Lois? :P

Posted by squidmaster09/05/13
all righty then im scared now :lol:

Posted by LanceAlot09/20/15
A little dark, but quirky nonetheless :lol:

Posted by LanceAlot09/23/15


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