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Boring to Watch

Submitted By:chutz42
Fun:*** (2.33)
Difficulty:* (1.09)

I grow up toward the sky, and rather quickly too.

You say watching me do so, is boring to do.

I create a shelter, a cover, for creatures like bugs.

If you step on my base wet, you will hear a thick 'glug'.

I have given you clues, four, to be true.

So now, what am I? Can your brain tell you?



Line 1: Grass grows up, toward the sky, and reasonably quickly as it needs to be cut quite often

Line 2: 'Like watching grass grow' - a simile which states something as boring.

Line 3: Grass is a home for bugs, and shelters the ground (dirt, mud).

Line 4: If you step on the grass' base (mud, dirt) while it is wet, it will squelch, or go 'glug'.

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