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Strange Toupee Turmoil

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All except one of the following ten sentences have something distinct in common.
What is this thing that they have in common and which sentence therefore doesn't belong in the group?

1. True, we were pert to tee it up.

2. Yet we quit our trip pretty wet.

3. Pity you wore your toupee.

4. Wipe your toupee up top.

5. Peter put it out to rot.

6. Poor you!

7. I owe you, Pete.

8. I wrote up your report.

9. Prior to two, you were quite put out.

10. I urge you to try to retire your pique!


All of the sentences except the last one are comprised strictly of the letters found on the topmost row of letters of a standard keyboard.
This is not the case for the last sentence containing the letter "g" which is found on the second row of letters of the keyboard.

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