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Idiom/Cliche Before and After

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The following phrases are disguised versions of the answer phrases. Each answer phrase is a pair of idioms or cliches which have been linked together. They have been linked together in that the last word of the "before" idiom/cliche is shared by (i.e. is the same as) the first word of the "after" idiom/cliche.

For example, the clue phrase "it equates to the present moment or at no time a period of boredom" could be used to disguise the two idioms:
"it's now or never" (the "before" idiom), and
"never a dull moment" (the "after" idiom) linked together by the common word "never" giving the answer phrase "it's now or never a dull moment".

Decipher each of the following clue phrases in order to determine the answer ("before and after") phrase:

1. confront the audible composition from the perspective of one's hearing organs
2. a flying creature in one's palm above this same applicable body part when it's clenched
3. a couple of craniums are superior to a single occurrence of the multiple rotations of the Earth upon its axis of which we are in the midst
4. within a very narrow margin of temporal duration takes to the air (while one is experiencing amusement)
5. preferably tardy as opposed to at no time articulate at no time


1. face the music to one's ears
2. a bird in the hand over fist
3. two heads are better than one of these days
4. in the nick of time flies (when you're having fun)
5. better late than never say never

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