Version History for

Version 4.00 - 2017
  • The entire website gets a redesign to look nicer and work better on mobile devices.
Version 3.60 - Jan 2013 Version 3.59 - Oct 2012
  • Our Logic-Grid Solver tool has been upgraded to no longer require a plugin and to allow keyboard input.
Version 3.58 - Sep 2012
  • We have a new iOS app for Brain Teasers and Riddles.
Version 3.57 - Aug 2012 Version 3.56 - Feb 2012
  • Braingle now has a Facebook Page.
  • Braingle now has a Twitter Page.
  • Braingle now has a Google+ Page.
  • You can now get the daily brain teasers and quizzes via Facebook and Twitter by following us on those social networks.
Version 3.55 - March 2010
  • Braingle now has an iPhone app for getting brain teasers when you are not at your computer.
Version 3.54 - April 2009
  • It is now possible to hide your birthday if you don't want people to know it.
  • Today's birthdays are now displayed in the community section.
  • Added a new public forum for grownups.
  • Added a page in your account info section that shows recent account activity.
Version 3.53 - October 2008
  • Fixed all the flash games, calculator, logic grid and chat to work with Adobe Flash 10.
Version 3.52 - September 2008 Version 3.51 - July 2008
  • The site has received a small redesign to make navigating to the various parts of the site more efficient.
  • There are now two new styles that you can choose for Braingle by visiting your account settings: Valentine and High Contrast. High Contrast has larger fonts and uses darker text on lighter backgrounds for people who may have a hard time reading our site using the normal style.
Version 3.50 - June 2008
  • Added the Fact Box to the trivia section.
  • You can now get notified when you are invited to a talkbox, or when someone requests membership to your talkbox.
  • You can now leave a Private Message as 'unread' so that you can come back to it later.
Version 3.49 - May 2008
  • The shortcut menu (which you can turn on in your account settings) has been updated with links to the Trivia and Games sections.
  • The graphs in the memory test section will now show the site average so you can compare your scores to everyone elses.
  • Braingle now has its very own Puzzle Hunts to challenge your Braingle knowledge.
  • Voting on definitions in our dictionary will now earn you 1 point.
  • Quiz and Teaser listings will now show the people who have submitted the most quizzes or teasers in that category.
Version 3.48 - April 2008
  • You can now help improve the quality of Braingle (and earn points) by doing quick tasks.
  • Addition of the Card Games section
Version 3.47 - March 2008
  • You can now subscribe to anyone's RSS feed in your favorite news reader so you can get instant updates when they make a new brain teaser or quiz. Just visit their profile to find their subscribe link.
  • Added a new Google Gadget for the daily trivia quiz.
  • Added Pageflakes Gadget for the daily trivia quiz.
  • Added Netvibes Gadget for the daily trivia quiz.
  • Added several new RSS feeds so you can stay up to date.
  • If you receive a SPAM or offensive Private Message, you can now instantly report that message to a moderator to take action.
Version 3.46 - February 2008
  • A Famous Person Quiz was added to the trivia section.
  • Adding a Foe will now prevent the bad person from doing more than just sending you a PM.
  • Fixed a bug in Checkers that would cause a move to be recorded twice if you double clicked to make it (causing the game to freeze).
  • The Wiki area has been update to allow you to sort and find popular wikis.
Version 3.45 - January 2008
  • Friends and Foes lists consolidated and reformatted.
  • Bug Fix: Searching for an apostrophe in the forums now works.
  • In Flash Cards, you can now change the title of your sets.
  • Bug Fix: In the Word Test, capitalized words will be correctly recognized.
Version 3.44 - December 2007
  • The Vocab Builder has been upgraded to include a pie graph, better definitions and faster quizzing.
  • The Vocab Builder now has a second set of 9500 words to keep you going when you have mastered the first set of words.
Version 3.43 - November 2007
  • The Werewolf and Who's the Boss games will now show up on your games summary page and favorite games page.
  • Everyone's profile now contains their favorite games and favorite Mentalrobics articles.
Version 3.42 - October 2007
  • You can now see the buddies of your buddies (on their profile page) so you can find more Braingle friends.
Version 3.41 - September 2007
  • Rejected corrections (on Quizzes) can now be protested.
  • Quizzes returned with rude comments from QMs can now be flagged for review.
  • Who's the Boss and The Werewolf Game now show your last 10 games.
  • Who's the Boss and The Werewolf Game now show the winner of each game on the main page and show some stats of the overall winners.
  • You can now create a private game in Who's the Boss and The Werewolf Game and moderators can edit the memo in Who's the Boss.
Version 3.40 - August 2007
  • Awards have been added for the "Werewolf" and "Who's the Boss" games.
  • The wordsearch game will now display your best time, and which puzzles you have solved.
  • The Private Message spam filter no longer blocks moderators, and people who reply to a PM that you sent.
  • The Foodfight game now has extra upgrades available to subscribers.
  • The Werewolf game now has options for the moderator to customize the games.
  • You can now easily tell if you are mutual buddies with someone, and quickly add people who are not.
  • In your Private Message Preferences, you can now set some spam filters, to help reduce unwanted PMs.
  • You can now retract an application to become a QM if you want to reapply to a different category.
  • Some more notifications have been added for people using watchlists in the forums and talkboxes.
Version 3.39 - July 2007
  • Added a Notifier that lets you know when certain things happen on Braingle. For example, when it is your turn in a chess or checkers game.
  • The short term memory tests now have a nifty graph to plot your progress.
  • Improve your memory with our new Memory Test
  • We added the "Werewolf" and "Who's the Boss?" games to the games section.
Version 3.38 - June 2007
  • Added a Famous Artwork Quiz to the trivia secton.
  • Enter Braingle's Sweepstakes for a free Nintendo DS Lite and two games
  • People with bad karma will no longer be able to make comments on quizzes. You can also report abuse comments on quizzes in the proofreading section.
  • I don't know why anyone would do this, but you can now delete your account if you don't want it anymore.
  • Replying to posts in the "Bugs and Feature Requests" forum is now restricted to the author and moderators only.
  • The foodfight game has been upgraded to use javascript and ajax when you fight. This should make the game go quicker and result in fewer accidental "running aways".
  • The rankings displayed on the main community page have been switched around to give credit to some of our new users.
  • Fixed 2 bugs with the Sudoku game that prevented the pause button and new puzzle buttons from working in some instances.
  • You can now earn points for taking the photo quizzes, testing your iq, or reviewing games.
Version 3.37 - May 2007
  • When finished with a teaser, there is now a link to quickly go to a similar teaser. If you are signed in, it will attempt to show an unrated teaser that is similar.
  • Quizmasters and Editors who work hard enough can now get a free subscription
  • Added a small section about IQ
  • Added our own IQ test to the new IQ section.
Version 3.36 - April 2007
  • Added the new Photo Identification Quiz.
  • Some better tools for forum moderators.
  • When you login, you stay on the page where you were, instead of going to your account.
  • Some improvements to the teaser correction process.
  • The homepage has been updated with a nice animation effect to highlight all the areas of Braingle.
  • You can now search your private messages.
  • You can now get the daily quiz sent to you via email.
  • Flash Cards can now be shared with other Brainglers.
  • The "My Buddies" page can now be sorted by the last time your buddy visited Braingle. It is also paginated for people with lots of buddies. You can also sort your buddies into folders.
  • You can now get an email when someone posts a comment on one of your quizzes.
  • You can now get an email when someone sends you a private message.
Version 3.35 - March 2007
  • Lots of new awards for playing games.
  • The caption game now monitors inappropriate comments better.
  • Improvements to quiz submission process.
  • Ability to report games in the games directory that have a bad URL.
  • Quizmasters now have their own ranking list.
  • Braingle now has a mini-site optimized for the Nintendo Wii.
  • Added a page in the community section to see recent comments made on quizzes.
  • Added the ability to view user rankings by the year they signed up.
Version 3.34 - February 2007
  • There is a new icon that shows who is a moderator.
  • You can now search for a user by the number of years they have been a member.
  • You can now submit an application to become a Moderator.
  • Numerous improvements to the new Trivia section, including Proofreading.
  • Better algorithms to prevent abusive comments in the chat room.
Version 3.33 - January 2007 Version 3.32 - December 2006
  • The games Game Score Summary page will now keep the scores better in sync.
  • Added a search field to the games directory.
  • Add new icons and slight design changes to the brain teasers and Mentalrobics section
  • Added the Mechanical Puzzles section to the brain teasers tab
Version 3.31 - November 2006
  • Braingle now supports Microsummaries for the Firefox 2.0 browser
  • Integrated Braingle with Google.
  • Fixed some cheating problems in Chess and Caption Game.
  • Added Tap Code to the crypto section.
  • Chess and Checkers games now show how you have performed against a player in the past.
Version 3.30 - October 2006 Version 3.29 - September 2006
  • The Online Games Directory now allows you to comment on any game.
  • Addition of several new codes to the Codes and Ciphers section.
  • Added an option to accept chat invitations from only your buddies.
  • Signatures now show up when you reply to a PM
Version 3.28 - August 2006
  • You can search for users by country.
  • Several new puzzle hunts added.
  • Forum and Talkbox search has been enhanced
  • Chess and Checkers have a blacklists now, and better spam protection against cheaters.
  • Online Games Directory
Version 3.27 - July 2006
  • Added Puzzle Hunts to the brain teasers section.
  • Added Codes and Ciphers to the brain teasers section.
  • Subscribers can now have larger PM inboxes.
  • Subscribers can now search all forums at once.
  • For Firefox 2.0 users, Braingle now has a search plugin.
Version 3.26 - June 2006
  • Mentalrobics home page has gotten a small redesign.
  • Vocab builder has been moved to the mentalrobics section.
  • Math Path game.
  • Visually browse optical illusions
Version 3.25 - May 2006
  • Teasers with images now have a little icon to show this.
  • Code Breaker game.
Version 3.24 - April 2006
  • You can now add a message board topic to your watchlist when you create it.
  • There are more options to subscribe to our content outside of our website.
  • You can now display your country flag next to your name.
  • You can click on a user's name in the game high scores now.
  • Brain teaser can now have images attached to them.
Version 3.23 - March 2006
  • You can now create and quiz yourself with flash cards.
  • There is a new icon for those of you who have rated over 10,000 teasers.
  • Various updated graphics.
  • More moderators have been established to keep the public forums clean and on topic.
Version 3.22 - February 2006
  • Improved Store section including more mechanical puzzles.
  • Improved browsing of mentalrobics articles.
  • In vocab builder game, you can now get more information about the quizzed words.
  • Bug fixes and slight change to scoring in Chess and Checkers
  • Mentalrobics now now has its own website
  • You can now see all of the online users on a separate page.
  • 10,000 Brainteasers online now!
Version 3.21 - January 2006
  • Add google as a RSS feed for the daily teaser and mentalrobics articles.
  • Avatars can now be uploaded to Braingle.
  • Anyone can easily purchase an ad to run on Briangle.
  • Bug fixes is Beanstalk game.
Version 3.20 - December 2005
  • Server has been upgraded to make everything faster.
  • Various small refinements and bug fixes.
  • You can now get Braingle as a Google Widget
  • Hang Glider game
Version 3.19 - November 2005
  • Talkboxes can have multiple moderators.
  • Message Boards are faster and have spell check.
  • Sudoku gets some small improvements
  • Short Term memory tests
Version 3.18 - October 2005
  • Sudoku logic puzzle game.
  • Expanded recruiter section.
  • Significant redesign of the white part of all pages on Braingle.
  • Optical Illusions are added to the brain teasers section.
  • You can invite a friend to your talkbox by email.
  • Speed improvements.
  • Talkbox improvements.
Version 3.17 - September 2005
  • Talkboxes topics can be locked.
  • Improved talkbox spellchecking.
  • Many improvements to Private Messages.
  • Improved site tour and new users registration.
  • Expanded FAQ.
  • Talkboxes can have polls and better text formatting.
  • You can have a watchlist of talkbox topics now.
  • Signing into the website is faster now.
Version 3.16 - August 2005
  • Talkboxes are searchable now.
  • You can now get points for referring friends to Braingle.
  • You can ban troublesome users from your talkbox.
  • The FAQ is searchable.
  • Better swear filter in chatroom.
Version 3.15 - July 2005
  • Large avatars no longer mess up the message boards.
  • Talk Boxes - Create your own private forum.
  • You can email Mentalrobics exercises to a friend.
  • Links in emails of new comments now open the comments correctly.
  • More levels in the Beanstalk game.
Version 3.14 - June 2005
  • Improvements to Chat
  • Karma
  • Icon for game players
  • Users can help remove offensive comments posted by others.
  • You can use colors on your wiki pages.
  • The caption game has user rankings now.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • If you print a page, it looks prettier now.
Version 3.13 - May 2005
  • Improvements to Chat
  • Searchable Mentalrobics
  • Mentalrobics Favorites
Version 3.12 - April 2005
  • Find your ranking in all of the games
  • Beanstalk game
  • Chat has private mode and new sounds
  • Mentalrobics Section
  • Can get weekly teaser email's not instead of daily
  • Gender icons in the message boards
Version 3.11 - March 2005
  • Pirate's Booty game
  • You can now see which of your teasers have new comments posted to them.
  • Tetris game upgraded with better highscores
  • Create your own wordsearch puzzles
  • Find your ranking page by clicking on your score
Version 3.10 - February 2005
  • Improvements to Chess
  • Added security to sign in and account editing systems
  • Added two new website themes
Version 3.09 - January 2005
  • Better FAQ with more answers.
  • Improvements to Editor's tools.
  • Flash detection for games
  • Cookie detection
  • More levels added to Disco game
Version 3.08 - December 2004 Version 3.07 - November 2004
  • Addition of Logic-Grid category of puzzles along with interactive solver.
  • Addition of a calculator to help you solve math teasers.
  • More items are in the store, including video games.
  • You can invite people to chat now and ignore them if they annoy you.
  • You can view the website with a christmas theme if you desire.
  • Wordsearch Game.
Version 3.06 - October 2004
  • Addition of RoboZapper game
  • Improvements to Click the Button game
  • Improvements to Live Chat (whispering and colors)
Version 3.05 - September 2004
  • Addition of Cryptography and Mystery categories for brain teasers.
Version 3.04 - August 2004
  • Click the Button game
  • Cookie World game improvements
Version 3.03 - July 2004
  • The Caption Game
  • Cookie World Game
Version 3.02 - June 2004
  • When browsing teasers you can now see who submitted it.
  • You can now see if any of your teasers are currently being corrected by another user.
  • You can turn on a shortcut menu inside your account preferences.
  • Birthday icon for upcoming birthdays.
Version 3.01 - May 2004
  • Wiki
  • Integration of Message board and Braingle profile pages
Version 3.0 - April 2004
  • Total redesign to better organize and provide for future growth.
  • Subscriptions
Version 2.9 - Februrary 2004
  • Newsgroups
Version 2.8 - January 2004
  • Live Chat
  • Pacman Game
  • Tetris Game
Version 2.7 - July 2003
  • Chess Game
  • Checkers Game
  • Buddies
Version 2.6 - April 2003
  • Vocab Game
  • Random Sentence Generator Game
  • 5,000 brain teasers reached
Version 2.5 - March 2003
  • Battleship Game
  • Braingle's sister site,, is launched
  • Daily joke available from
Version 2.4 - February 2003
  • Foodfight Game
  • Favorites List
Version 2.3 - November 2002
  • Zoo Keeper Game
  • Mascot added to logo
Version 2.2 - September 2002
  • Editors
Version 2.1 - June 2002
  • Message Boards
  • Braingle Merchandise
Version 2.0 - January 2002
  • Updated look
  • Completly rewritten back-end software
  • 2 Games (Sliding Tile and Twiddle)
  • A store with books, games and puzzles
Version 1.0 - January 2001
  • Initial public release of
  • Submit, rate and view brain teasers and user rankings

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