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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:** (1.97)
Submitted By:MrIxolite


I am bound in a book but you cannot read me,
I am struck and played but not musically,
I am your equal in skill and also in stature,
I am used in heat and light manufacture.

What am I?

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Posted by Codammanus on Feb 15, 2003

Like that one a lot. Thanks.

Posted by griphook on Feb 16, 2003

Cool. Fun and quite easy. May I share an observation? "...bound to a book but you cannot read me" suggests that the rest of the book may be read. Was it the intention to make us realize that the cover of a book of matches indeed has writings on it that people read? Thanks for the teaser.

Posted by RushHour1049 on Aug 20, 2004


Posted by NTG98 on Aug 20, 2004

Good Teaser

Posted by Dishhead5 on Aug 02, 2007

Thanks for the teaser XD title helped a lot

Posted by sourdough on Jul 03, 2008

SourDough cracked a smile when he read the answer!


3 thumbs up!


Posted by psychoserenity on Jul 03, 2008

I can't believe I didn't get it! It seems so obvious now. Excellent riddle

Posted by bradon182001 on Jul 03, 2008

Ditto. Really clever. Thanks for posting.

Posted by doehead on Jul 03, 2008

As easy as they come.

Posted by AndrewWalker on Jul 03, 2008

I thought after I saw the teaser a match before reading anything then totally forgot that and couuldn't think of what it could be

Posted by avonma on Jul 03, 2008

All I could think of was a flame...but "match" didn't come to me. Good one! A+ to YOU!

Posted by kwelchans on Jul 03, 2008

Had it from the first line (the title helped too). EZ but fun!

Posted by auntiesis on Jul 03, 2008

I think in my case, the title gave it away.

Posted by UptheHill on Jul 03, 2008


Posted by kittygirl19 on Sep 07, 2009

i am a important part of the ixolite family

Posted by kittygirl19 on Sep 07, 2009

i am the dad's cat

Posted by gghali on Jul 03, 2011

Fantastic! Well done.

Posted by gaylewolf on Jul 03, 2011

I got this one - nice teaser! Happy Holiday weekend, for all of US!

Posted by HABS2933 on Jul 03, 2011

That was great.

Posted by here2 on Jul 03, 2011

Well done.

Posted by Babe on Jul 03, 2014

That was more than a match for me. I did not get the answer. Good one!

Posted by jaycr on Jul 03, 2014

Whoosh! This one went right over my head.

Posted by doodles on Jul 03, 2014

I've seen this before, so it was easy.
Isn't it nice without BB!!!!!

Posted by Maggiethe8th on Jul 03, 2014

Loved it! The title helped me, too!

Posted by gaylewolf on Jul 03, 2014

I didn't get it, but I should have - I got it 3 years ago. Worries me that I'm losing it!

Posted by tripleteam5 on Jul 03, 2014

This was an unfair puzzle. The clueswould have been confusing but fairer IF the answer were matches or " thew word match" a march induicates one object. and the clues refer to 2 VERY different item with completely different meaings

Posted by catmom on Jul 03, 2014

Easy, though I did have to read it over a couple of times.

Posted by Zykezex on Jul 04, 2014

There is something exquisite about this one. I didn't get it but worth the time spent.

Posted by katamaster2 on Jul 03, 2017

A book of matches usually has writing on it so it can be read.

Posted by dbakashojou on Jul 03, 2017

That was a bit of fun! Good show!

Posted by mrbill51 on Jul 03, 2017

Fun, easy and entertaining teaser; I got it right away.

Posted by Coolnana on Jul 03, 2017

A good riddle. Fun and not too hard. I got this one pretty quickly. The third line did make me rethink my answer though, that made it a better riddle. Thanks for this one.

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