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Good Doggie

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Submitted By:jpfrank1


Five dog owners have taken their puppies to doggie training school. In order to graduate, each puppy must perform at least one trick flawlessly for their master. The owners, 3 men (Jordan, Ethan and Michael) and 2 women (Haley and Alexis), are preparing their dogs (Merlin, Bogey, Eagle, Bailey and Daisy) for the final exam. Your job is to identify the owner of each dog, and each dog's age, breed, name and its trick. Note: unless stated otherwise, all references to ages are in dog years and the grid provides ages in dog years as well. Good Luck and Enjoy!!

1. No owner's first name shares an initial with either their dog's first name or the breed name.

2. Jordan's dog can speak (not real words, just dog words like Aarf).

3. The Yellow Lab performs a trick with two words.

4. The 1 year old dog is a mixed breed.

5. Daisy is a beagle.

6. Alexis's dog, who can't sit, is older than Haley's dog and younger than the dog that can play dead.

7. No matter how hard he tries, Merlin's owner can only get him to roll over.

8. Michael's dog is 14 years old--in human years.

9. Bogey sits and watches the 1 year old dog speak.

10. For his one year birthday today, Bailey got a date with the Maltipoo (witnesses say it was puppy love at first sight).

11. The Beagle's owner is very refined, so she prefers that you say her dog "politely requested" instead of begs.

12. The 18 month old German Shepherd is owned by a boy.

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