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A Day at the Zoo

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Submitted By:kellgo


Three boys (Jake, Anthony and Carlos) and two girls (Abigail and Paige) went on a trip to the zoo. All five kids have five different favorite animals that they want to see: monkeys, alligators, bears, lions, and giraffes. Each of the five children ate one of the five different things as a snack: popcorn, chips, pretzel, nachos with chips and cheese, or crackers. Each child bought one souvenir: a stuffed rabbit, a lion t-shirt, a key chain, a plastic snake, or a stuffed monkey. Figure out from the clues below which child likes which animal, who ate what for snack, and who bought what for a souvenir.

One of the kids got so excited to see their favorite animal, the alligators, that they spilt their popcorn all over the place.

Paige really didn't want to see the alligator exhibit because she doesn't like reptiles or anything that has scales.

The stuffed monkey got a little bit of nacho cheese on its face from its owner's kisses.

All day after visiting the zoo, Jake kept making lion noises, even in his sleep!

Abigail and Carlos both got a snack that involved chips.

The kid who bought the t-shirt loved it so much that he slept in it despite pretzel crumbs getting into his bed.

The nacho lovers' favorite animal is the monkey, which is why they wanted to go that exhibit.

None of the boys bought a stuffed animal.

The kid who got the keychain picked the one with their favorite animal, the alligator, on it.

One of the girls just loved the new bear exhibit. It was her favorite part of the day.

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