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Angles or E

An optical illusion is a visually perceived image that is deceptive or misleading.


Fun:**** (3.14)
Submitted By:Jake


Some people only see three angled lines, but if you look carefully you can actually see the letter E in the empty space.

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Posted by rkaaland on Nov 13, 2005

HEY!!! I am FIRST, WoW way to my day keheehe I love these things!

Posted by smarty_blondy on Nov 14, 2005

Nice one!

Posted by brainster on Nov 14, 2005

Good one!

Posted by metallicman on Nov 14, 2005

It took about ten seconds to figure it out, then I got it. Really good.

Posted by ChattyMonkey on Nov 14, 2005

I hate optical illusions, yet that one attracted me soooooo much that I actually printed it out!

Posted by scm14 on Nov 14, 2005

This one is really cool!!! I love how it looks 3-D.

Posted by DLOC3133 on Nov 14, 2005

Nice One!! Keep em coming

Posted by bonkerz on Nov 14, 2005


Posted by redraptor50 on Nov 15, 2005

I love these! My perception of things are becoming clearer. Keep these coming

Posted by Skybet on Nov 15, 2005

Its impressive although its not really a brainteaser....

Posted by yemenie on Nov 15, 2005


Posted by g0ddess on Nov 15, 2005

I enjoyed! Good one!

Posted by LindseyAnne34 on Nov 16, 2005

I saw the E. Very cool

Posted by Rowsdower on Nov 16, 2005

Neat. I've seen this idea used to spell out words. My grandparents had a wall hanging that at first glance looked like random angles but a closer look revealed the word "Jesus."

Posted by peppamintp on Nov 17, 2005

Missed the E. Can't see it

Posted by soccer_chick70 on Nov 17, 2005

I luv this!! I draw those on my friend's papers in the shapes of saying HI! (tried to do it with |s and _s in the comment box to show it, but it didnt work Great optical illusion though!

Posted by BrownEyes on Nov 17, 2005

This is the first one I've never seen before. Nice.

Posted by bookworm91 on Nov 18, 2005


Posted by TURTLESrock on Nov 19, 2005

i don't get what you're supposed to see

Posted by mrbrainyboy on Nov 20, 2005

Look closely. The angles form the right sides of the letter "E".

Posted by wolfmanh on Nov 24, 2005

wow, I only saw angles then i started to see the E

Posted by CSTEVES on Nov 28, 2005


Posted by hidentreasure on Nov 29, 2005

AWSOM! I see the E.

Posted by lovefrenzy on Nov 29, 2005

that's hot

Posted by azbee123 on Dec 01, 2005

omg that was sooo cool!

Posted by crzyness4lyfe on Dec 03, 2005

NICE! I liked that!

Posted by hockeygirl on Dec 11, 2005

my mom and sister saw it first and then i saw it that was totally rightous!!!!

Posted by sebastian on Dec 19, 2005

hey, I LOVE E'S

i also LUV THIS kind of illusion!
they r SWEET!

Posted by sebastian on Dec 19, 2005

hey, I LOVE E'S

i also LUV THIS kind of illusion!
they r SWEET!

Posted by sebastian on Dec 19, 2005

hey, I LOVE E'S

i also LUV THIS kind of illusion!
they r SWEET!

Posted by Baby_Girl on Dec 19, 2005

AHH i see it

Posted by GEORGIA_GIRL on Dec 21, 2005

That was COOL!!

Posted by ishouldntbehere on Dec 23, 2005

this is ridiculous. i draw stuff like this for fun. i write a full paragraph with letters like this.

Posted by TehIgnored on Dec 24, 2005

Well good for you....but others have no artistic it was enjoyed....

Posted by TheEarthling on Dec 27, 2005

Way cool.

Posted by Love10394 on Dec 27, 2005

That was cool!

Posted by Tryer on Dec 29, 2005

Eeeh bah gum t'at was gud

Posted by luckythirteen on Jan 01, 2006

it first looked like a bunch of lines with right angles, but if you looked at it carefully, it turns into a white 'E'...good illusion

Posted by mr_brainiac on Jan 08, 2006

Like seeing shapes in the clouds, ink blots tests, or the face of Christ on a scorched tortilla, the mind is always trying to organize and recognize things in order to make sense of them. All it takes is a slightly familiar pattern for us too see things that aren't really there. (I read that in a psychology book once.)

Posted by muskratgal89 on Jan 10, 2006

YEA i saw it right away....
you kinda have to look at it for a long time but keep them coming

Posted by nathalia on Jan 10, 2006

Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Jan 13, 2006

I love the way the our eyes play tricks on us

Posted by Armaidenpriya on Jan 24, 2006

♥♥♥ NIFTY!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Posted by MattNate on Feb 06, 2006

its cool how you see an E when its only three angles

Posted by codebreaker on Feb 07, 2006

that waS a good one

Posted by on Feb 10, 2006

Ya i thought it was class took me awhile though, I remember the wall hanging 2 it was class

Posted by ragethe3rd on Feb 14, 2006

ooh cool.

Posted by luckythirteen on Feb 17, 2006

angles, then an E, i lurve it!

Posted by kci2994 on Mar 05, 2006

thats really cool!

Posted by kci2994 on Mar 05, 2006

♥ awesome!

Posted by I_am_SAM on Mar 08, 2006

Took me a minute but then it's so obvious! Great, I liked this one!

Posted by thompson1 on Mar 10, 2006

that was2 ez, i saw it the first time i looked at it! i dony even get why USERS cant enter o-is!

Posted by 98_angel on Mar 11, 2006

dat was way cool(3d rocks) im not into optical illusions but i relly liked that 1

Posted by Methlos on Mar 12, 2006

i've seen better

Posted by charles445 on Mar 12, 2006

I know that it is formed by the lines, but the backside forms with JUST THOSE???

That is totally awesome!

Posted by soccerstar_1515 on Mar 13, 2006

that is totally awesome its like so 3-d

Posted by princess_kayti1 on Mar 14, 2006

Woa, wicked sweet!

Posted by riddlelover on Mar 17, 2006

I'm afraid I don't see it....

Posted by amygurl101 on Mar 18, 2006

thats hecka awesome. but easy. saw it on my 1st try.

Posted by pianostar3212 on Mar 20, 2006

pretty cool

Posted by katieevs on Mar 21, 2006

I have seen different examples of this one for example with an F or a Z - its cool though

Posted by lukeschett on Mar 21, 2006

This r0x0rs like Stinkoman!!!!

Posted by Mellew on Mar 29, 2006

i luv it

Posted by coltonr1 on Apr 02, 2006

ha ha i loved it good times and good laughs lol thx i loved it again i loved it!

Posted by calmsavior on Apr 12, 2006

on this japanese game show i saw this optical illusion with japanese katakana. These 2 people got it wrong, and they were very angry.

Posted by 12345_lewis2 on Apr 17, 2006


Posted by Lui312 on Apr 29, 2006

I could barely see it but i did see it

Posted by dolphingurl12 on May 06, 2006


Posted by CSI_Chicago on May 21, 2006

that was so cool

Posted by krnsspot on May 30, 2006

very cool

Posted by auntiesis on Jun 02, 2006

One of my favorite types of illusions. Great one. Took me a minute but that is more fun than finding it too quickly. Keep up the good work.

Posted by coolblue on Jun 02, 2006


Posted by Thumper_rox on Jun 11, 2006

That was totally awesome. keep em comin!

Posted by danielzerman on Jun 18, 2006

i do not get it

Posted by brits1994 on Jun 22, 2006

I did not get it AT FIRST thae I looked at it again and I saw it!

Posted by devils400 on Jul 07, 2006

where did you find this it is supercool

Posted by gbchaosmaster on Jul 08, 2006

ChattyMonkey youre weird, hating optical-illusions. who would of thought?

but nyway,it was so awesome i love that one, no matter how many times i see it.

Posted by jollylolly on Jul 11, 2006

COOL!! i liked it! it was pretty cool!

Posted by spazzyjazzy93 on Jul 12, 2006

ooo, me likey!!!!!!

Posted by gemini2006 on Jul 14, 2006

Your best yet!

Posted by MayDaSauceBWitU on Aug 11, 2006

woah i was like wth theyre just these three bendy line things and then it just popped out at me dude cool!

Posted by azn_gurl on Aug 14, 2006

This is so cool! im telling my friend!

Posted by ItsMeAgain07 on Aug 30, 2006


Posted by Lizzie713 on Oct 28, 2006

That Rocks ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻

Posted by Kaioke on Oct 31, 2006

That's an awesome shadow. :3

Posted by Harmony_Girl on Dec 10, 2006

I love love love this teaser!! I am a total optical illusion freak and I think this could be my favorite illusion yet. My kudos to the creator

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Dec 30, 2006

Isn't just amazing, the things we can teach our minds to recognize? A very entertaining optical illusion, Jake! It does look totally Awesome, in a 3 dimensional mode, too! Keep up the fantastic work!

Posted by on Jan 05, 2007

I liked this one it is very cool to look at , to see the difference . Good Job

Posted by xxilove_ihatexx on Jan 13, 2007

i am blonde and i was like, holy crap wheres the e. and now i see it.. haha nice

Posted by notsosmart111 on Feb 12, 2007

I saw the E first and then the angles is that normal?

Posted by jjdolphine on Feb 16, 2007

I saw the e, had to look for angles... Odd...

Posted by bgil7604 on Feb 21, 2007

Seen many like it, but still really cool!

Posted by SmartyBrainStar on Mar 07, 2007

At first I only saw the angles, then the E came, and now I can't see the angles...

Posted by jandew on Mar 18, 2007

sorry, had to see if i could do it; plus i was wondering if UTF-8 showed up

Posted by jandew on Mar 18, 2007

yep, didn't work; was worth a try, though!

Posted by yerg on Mar 24, 2007

Posted by cooltigerr1 on Mar 31, 2007

haha this one's fun

Posted by grilledcheese on Apr 20, 2007

woah! thats cool!

Posted by day_tripper on Apr 23, 2007

Took me a while to see the E
Cool Illusion

Posted by zachandteddy on May 13, 2007

I saw the E right away. Sorry, no fun.

Posted by lilrena4ever on May 31, 2007

DAM!!!Now thats


highly original! ;)

Posted by i_lov_jordan07 on Jun 10, 2007

OOOOh!!! rena!!!! Potty mouth!!! Kool illusion!

Posted by i_lov_jordan07 on Jun 10, 2007

♥☺☻ ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻ ♥☺☻

Posted by Kamazar on Jun 10, 2007

I get it. The lines are actually the shadow. One of the best illusions I've seen.

Posted by FutureMD on Jun 18, 2007

Very cool. It's strange, really. I see the "E" more easily, but I feel I am in the minority with this situation.

Posted by ringpop_rara on Jun 23, 2007

this one is my favirite pretty impressive

Posted by saltydavid on Jun 28, 2007


Posted by catseye84 on Aug 11, 2007


Posted by crystal2040379 on Sep 17, 2007


Posted by steeler84 on Dec 04, 2007

It hurt my eyes

super-duper-duper-duper cool

Posted by karlacn on Dec 16, 2007

wow, you have to focus on the middle though

Posted by beriesNcreamx28 on Dec 19, 2007

i origanally saw an e but then saw the angles
maybe i have a backwards mind

Posted by Tbqavonfrog4 on Jan 15, 2008

yeah at first i saw the angles, then once i saw the E, I couldnt hardly see the angles again.

Posted by lauren044-- on Jan 20, 2008

I couldn't tell at first that it was an "E"

Posted by rush2 on Jan 21, 2008

good one

Posted by math321 on Apr 09, 2008

. . . .......... . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . , . . .......... . . _


Posted by math321 on Apr 09, 2008

|__| WOW!

Posted by huntchasedown on Apr 24, 2008


Posted by divy on Apr 28, 2008

could not believe that the letter E can make me think so much it was really awesome

Posted by 10is on May 20, 2008

It was ok. I have actually seen it before. It was super easy to seethe letter 'e' to me.

Posted by Eemia1212 on Jun 22, 2008

I didn't see it at first thats well cool

Posted by StreetsDisciple on Jul 01, 2008


Posted by ICUB42 on Sep 16, 2008

That was kool!
But apparently my eyes must be messed up. I could pick out the "E" right away. In fact, I think it would be easier to read billboards and signs like that.

Posted by HawkGarcia on Oct 27, 2008

I saw the E right away.

Posted by LouiseF on Nov 21, 2008

great illusion, i love the way that it looks 3d

Posted by bradon182001 on Dec 09, 2008

I,too, picked out the E right away, but then after looking at it for a minute, I lost the E and only saw 3 angles. I had to look away and really concentrate to see the E again.

Posted by here2 on Jan 13, 2009

It would be interesting to see the same "font" for the rest of the alphabet.

Posted by ethan897 on Feb 01, 2009

i saw a e right away

Posted by pokegirl09 on Feb 08, 2009

Me too!

Posted by Holo on Feb 15, 2009

I saw the E first

Posted by HiggieBaby on Mar 27, 2009

I saw the "E" immediately.

Posted by Shelilah on Apr 18, 2009

the E is easy to see

Posted by ashfitz96 on May 04, 2009

That is so cool. I can see both 3 different lines and the E!

Posted by simbatiger on May 10, 2009

I can only see the E...

Posted by Lil_Dork on May 15, 2009


Posted by mir77 on May 18, 2009

sow crayzee eye cont thiink strayt, muhst tipe weerrd! thee EE hard 2 see, butt wen yuo dow, it pop owt ov nowere, sow crayzee eye cont thiink strayt, muhst tipe weerrd! wayt, eye allredee toyld yuo thot! eye goin crayzee! GEYEINT HAMSTERR THIG ATTOCK! lol, sow dizee eye tipe 2 muhch!

Posted by valencia on Jul 21, 2009

this pic was okay i seen better

Posted by on Nov 26, 2009

i only saw the letter e but them i read what it said and then i saw the lines

Posted by CCcook on Nov 27, 2009

It was ok.... VERY EASY

Posted by yasmina on Feb 25, 2010

Amazing !!!

Posted by xxsoftballxx13x on Feb 26, 2010

That took me a while to figure out. After I noticed it though, I couldn't stop staring.

Posted by HoboCat on Mar 25, 2010

I see more E than angled lines at first.

Posted by gathena on May 27, 2010

wow that is really cool! When you look at it at first you don't see the E then after a bit you see the E for just a split second! Then you start to see it more often!

Posted by pointless on Nov 09, 2010

lol its both

Posted by Candyhook on Nov 18, 2010

oh my gosh - that is so neat!

Posted by lunaNueva365 on Dec 14, 2010

I can anly see the E!!!
Where are the angles?

Posted by smartlilgirl98 on Feb 05, 2011


Posted by SkittenAnnie on Jun 18, 2011

Sorry to say but I got it off the bat;kinda easy but sometimes the easy thing are the most fun.

Posted by GhostBella on Nov 05, 2011

nice one i can see it

Posted by GhostBella on Nov 05, 2011

nice one i can see it

Posted by Benjiboo on Nov 05, 2011

i thought it was going to be like this: you stare at it for a while and...RRRRRAAAAAAARRRRRR a giant scary letter e and scares the heck outta ya! (im scared now

Posted by Tife4real on Feb 09, 2012

Very nice!

Posted by lovemybrain123 on Feb 27, 2012

LOL! I see an E more than 3 angled lines, and the submitter said that most people only see 3 angled lines. It makes me feel special since I am not in the "most people" group.

Posted by SaraGrace on Jul 30, 2013

The E is way cooler than the angled lines

Posted by klsowell on Nov 18, 2013

It looks like angles when its big but in the optical illusion list selection thingamajig it REALLY looks like an E. I hate/love those illusions where you're staring stupidly at a bunch of lines when all of a sudden this big giant creepy thing jumps out at you from nowhere. Like that cow/inkblot one. Long story. But yeah, I liked it.

Posted by stitch-ex626 on Oct 26, 2014

that was really easy for me to see but i love the different optical ollusions.

Posted by happyland3000 on Dec 01, 2014

All I saw was the E! I need to focus hard to see the angles!

Posted by JeremyRedhead on Feb 11, 2015

And it's 3d!!!
Such 3d.

Posted by wanted1081 on Dec 01, 2015

i know how to write my name in this way guys


and it is very hard to write a name with curve letter in this way

Posted by _Eclipse_ on Nov 11, 2016

It took me a moment to see just the angles. At first all I could see was the letter E

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