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Cap'n Fred and the Treasure of Beigebeard


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Pirate Captain Fred and his band of scurvy sea dogs were sailing the seven seas, just like normal for a Wednesday afternoon. "Arrghh, there be the smell o' doubloons, lads, I feels it in me bones," exclaimed Fred. Just moments later, actually it was 5 hours, but moments for the sake of the story, there was a cry from the crow's nest. "Ship ahoy, ship ahoy," shouted Pirate Rook. Sure enough the ship came further and further into view. "Arrrrghhhh, that be the scallywag landlubber, Pirate Ecnic. Load them cannon lads, there's gunna' be fireworks," yelled Fred.

The ships came together, and all manner of swashbucklin' ensued. Captain Fred won the day, which surprised everyone, including himself, and the victorious scoundrels looted Ecnic's ship. "Cap'n, Cap'n we gots a map, a treasure map. It say it be the map o' Beigebeard 'imself," roared a few of the crew. "But the final secret I takes to Davy Jones' locker," howled Ecnic, whilst being assisted to disembark, and with that he stepped off the end of the plank.

The crew followed the map's directions and they eventually found themselves in a graveyard, but there the clues ran out. It was a clear night, with a full moon, and the time was about midnight. They searched by candlelight and discovered it was full of Beigebeard's family. There were the graves of Beigebeard himself, his first wife, his second wife, his 9 official children, his 37 unofficial children, his 3 brothers, his 7 sisters and a host of cousins, uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces. "What is we to do, Cap'n," asked the mangy crew. "Arrrrrrghhhhhh, start diggin', o'er there," bellowed Fred.

Where had Fred told them to dig for the treasure?

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