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Grungy's Prefixes

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Fun:**** (3.13)
Difficulty:** (1.39)
Submitted By:grungy49


Can you find a three-letter word that will go in front of each word in the group to make a new, compound word? For each group, the three-letter word will have just one letter changed from the answer to the previous group! (Example: Group 1 = Run, Group 2 = Fun, Group 3 = Sun)

1) Fight, walk, fish, nap

2) Back, throat, lass, let

3) Case, cracker, house, shell

4) Side, come, match, size

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Posted by Pizzazz2u on Nov 12, 2006

It was good for a quick refresher in the morning, Grung! This was on the easy side, if I figured it out But, Awesome for a morning tease!

Posted by GebbieRose on Nov 12, 2006

It was easy, but fun just the same. thumbs up!

Posted by MalcolmReynolds on Nov 12, 2006

"Over" works for the last one as well. Nice.

Posted by Kelby on Nov 12, 2006

Woohoo. I really liked this teaser. It made me think. Usually on teasers I don't even try but on this one I did!

Posted by Brainy_1 on Nov 12, 2006

Fun, fun, fun!!! I liked it! I got all but the second one! Nice teaser!!

Posted by Lizzie713 on Nov 18, 2006

another great teaser Grungy
Keep them up
I really enjoy them
Although they are easy still a good one
Especially great when i need a break for my hectic life and a good focus point
Well written

Posted by GebbieRose on Dec 13, 2006

Congrats, grungy, on TOTD!

Posted by grungy49 on Dec 13, 2006

Thank you! It's my first ever TOTD, and I'm really excited

I don't really care if the rating goes down, I'm just super happy!! Yay!

Posted by Rach_ on Dec 13, 2006

No, over doesn't work, it doesn't fit the rules!

Fun taser, thank you x

Posted by peeve30 on Dec 13, 2006

way way cool! loved it!

Posted by i_luv_2_read on Dec 13, 2006

as Rach said, over has 4 letters, the prefix is supposed to have 3...good teaser....and i actually got it which makes me like it more....yay for me....

Posted by OldChinaHand on Dec 13, 2006

Once again, a nicely done teaser.

Posted by Thel on Dec 13, 2006

A great morning refresher!

Posted by lmurray on Dec 13, 2006




Posted by hoyty on Dec 13, 2006

Lot of fun, easy peasy, but lot of fun.

Posted by coachpisco on Dec 13, 2006

Very good. That was fun.

Posted by puttumup on Dec 13, 2006

that was an ok one

Posted by beethovenswig on Dec 13, 2006

That was pretty fun

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Dec 13, 2006

Grunge, my man! This was an enjoyable teaser back in the earlier it is still an enjoyable teaser.. Even though it is on the easy side, to produce the same 3 letter prefix and to have crossword fun with it, during that time, can make any teaser worth doing over! Keep up the magnificent work and keep producing these teasers.

Posted by wordmama on Dec 13, 2006

It took only seconds to solve, but I LOVED it!! Good job, Grunge!

Posted by locutus13ds on Dec 13, 2006

Not my favorite type of teaser, but a good one nonetheless

Posted by bradon182001 on Dec 13, 2006

I got the first 3 quickly, but had to take some time and think about the 4th. I resisted temptation to just give in and look at the answer and after several minutes, I got it.
I feel I had a good brain work out this morning.Thanks for the great teaser.

Posted by scallio on Dec 13, 2006

Actually it was the third set that took me a long time. I had FIRE on the brain... firehouse, firecracker, fireshell but knew it had to be a 3 letter prefix and I don't think there's a firecase anyway.

Loved this teaser. Had fun!

Posted by hradilv on Dec 13, 2006

Nice teaser, Grungy. Really fun.
BTW, how do you get "all but the second one"? Brainy_1? If you got the others, then the second one had be either nat or cut? Just wondering.

Posted by MurfQ on Dec 13, 2006

Nice one. I got the first 3 easily enough. The last one had me stumped for a minute, but once it hit me I was ready to kick myself.

Posted by zaya on Dec 13, 2006

Very fun, not as easy as I thought it'd be, but still very do-able.

Posted by kman613 on Dec 13, 2006

good one

Posted by I_Write_Books on Dec 13, 2006

Fun, but definitely easy.

Posted by teddybair on Dec 13, 2006

Fun and not too difficult! Thanks Grungy, this one was a great one to start with in the morning.

Posted by POPS on Dec 13, 2006

That was fun,and fairly easy I really enjoy those. Keep`em coming.

Posted by blondebookworm on Dec 13, 2006

That's a cool teaser! I was confused at first, because in your example, all you changed was the first letter, so after cat I thought the others would be bat, hat, mat etc. once I figured it out I thought it was really cool. great job!

Posted by breathesunshine on Dec 13, 2006

Fun and easy, just the way I like 'em!

Posted by tonjawithaj on Dec 14, 2006

The last one got me. Good one!

Posted by wandering_goat on Dec 14, 2006

That was pretty fun!

Posted by vlerma on Dec 15, 2006

Great job Grungy. I liked this a lot.
More please?

Posted by RRAMMOHAN on Dec 20, 2006

Interesting teaser, a little different from others of this type, but very enjoyable too.
I am sure many friends would have noticed LMURRAY's compliments too! Thanks LM.

Posted by Qrystal on Dec 21, 2006

None stumped me for very long at all, but I had to think about each one a moment before the answer came. It was a nice mental warmup!

What really got me was how incredibly fun that was! I felt like I was doing the teaser because I wanted to see how the interesting premise turned into actual sets of prefixes that worked. I found joy in watching it unfold! From the sounds of things, other people noticed that too!

Good Job!

Posted by cowman12 on Jul 08, 2007

Wonderful teaser, Grungy!

Posted by grungy49 on Dec 13, 2009

My first visit back in a year.. I thought the front page teaser looked vaguely familiar...


Posted by grungy49 on Dec 13, 2009

Sorry to double comment, but I just noticed something! This received Teaser of the Day on December 13, 2006 and now it is Teaser of the Day on December 13, 2009. An even three years!


Posted by patiencewithaP on Dec 13, 2009

Easy but I love it! Great teaser!

Posted by auntiesis on Dec 13, 2009

Quite easy, but fun. 5 stars.

Posted by UptheHill on Dec 13, 2009


Posted by hubbamutt777 on Dec 14, 2009

i didnt get the instructions. but the answers made perfect sense! great one!

-hubbamutt777 a.k.a. hailee huskey

Posted by Johnny on Dec 15, 2009

Very fun!
I did better than i thought i would
It was the last group that stumped me

Posted by Babe on Dec 13, 2012

Posted by HABS2933 on Dec 13, 2012

Well this one must be the tri-annual teaser of the day for December 13. It was teaser of the day for this date in 2006, 2009, and now again in 2012.
Not sure why the braingle powers can't give other teasers chance instead of recycling old ones (at least this one, unlike A LOT of them, is by what appers to be an active user).
I enjoyed the teaser, even if it was a tad easy, just think there are so many newer ones that could be used.

Posted by jaycr on Dec 13, 2012

I got nutcase and nuthouse right away, hmm... what does that say about me? Nice teaser!

Posted by cutebug on Dec 13, 2012

Quite easy but enjoyable.

Posted by gaylewolf on Dec 13, 2012

I agree - easy but fun!! Thanks!

Posted by iggy39 on Dec 13, 2012

yep same with me: easy but fun.

Posted by JQPublic on Dec 14, 2012

Easy, but I like easy teasers. Good job.

Posted by raisin99 on Dec 13, 2015

simple, but fun

Posted by cutebug on Dec 13, 2015

Guess we'll see it again on 12-13-2018.

Posted by catmom on Dec 13, 2015

fun, made me I need a nap.

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