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Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


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Once upon a time, a couple centuries ago, in a cold, harsh winter, three men were about to be executed. It was customary in their land to feed everyone who is about to be executed a last meal, consisting of whatever they want.

So, the first man says, "I am an old, poor fellow, and my whole family was vegetarian except for me. Therefore I would like to eat one last chicken before I die". His wish was granted, but right when he finished the last bite, the executioner killed him on the spot.

The second man asks for a pie. "My family is extremely poor, and we have never had the money to buy sweets, or anything of any sort of delicacy. So before I die, I would like the chance to taste a pie, the food I have been dreaming about for years."

The executioner agreed, but right when the poor man finished the last piece, he was also killed on the spot.

Finally, it was the third man's turn. Without even taking a second to think, he said "I would like some strawberries".
The executioner burst out laughing. "I'm sorry", he sputtered, "I just can't understand why you would want to eat STRAWBERRIES of all things right before you die. Out of all the delicious foods you could have picked, why strawberries?"

What was the third man's reply which allowed him to live?

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