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Delete a Letter 8

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Fun:*** (2.81)
Difficulty:** (1.77)
Submitted By:cnmne


Each pair of definitions is for two words, where the second word is the first word with a letter deleted (example: brand & band). The length of the first word in each pair is provided, along with the position of the deleted letter to obtain the second word.

1) a storage room (6 letters) & (delete 6th letter) near
2) to genuflect (5 letters) & (delete 2nd letter) to capsize
3) the teaching staff (7 letters) & (delete 3rd letter) having imperfections
4) the moment in which something occurs (4 letters) & (delete 3rd letter) to bind

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Posted by jaycr on May 14, 2013

Rather easy, but enjoyable.

Posted by HABS2933 on May 14, 2013

I concur with the above comment. I did not find it very difficult, but other may.
It was fun, though perhaps in the next one don't give the number of letters or which letter is to be removed.

Posted by cutebug on May 14, 2013

I have to agree w/HABS. But it was great to see a new teaser.

Posted by elentir on May 14, 2013

Keel is a part of a boat and does not mean to capsize. The phrase 'keel over' means to capsize.

Posted by thecatladycac on May 14, 2013

Pretty easy, but Fun - Nice Teaser!

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