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Enter Pepper

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:** (1.59)
Submitted By:doctapeppaman


In the city of Extremum, capital and largest city of the Mauve Empire, there lives a man named Pythagoras Euclid Pepper. "Doctor" Pepper, as his friends called him, was a bit eccentric and absent-minded, but his eclectic knowledge of a wide array of minutiae paired with his apparent complete lack of common sense seemed to give off an aura of delight that caused many with whom he had spoken to have felt a keen interest in the unique way his mind operates. Pepper did not have a terminal degree from any university in the Mauve Empire, but the people who knew him best insisted upon calling him "doctor" nevertheless. As will hopefully be shown, he was not, however, completely ignorant in terms of practical judgment.

One day when Dr. Pepper was walking to the Extremum Public Library, he noticed a team of firefighters and paramedics outside the door of what appeared to be a rather well-fortified residence. As far as Pythagoras could see, there were no windows, and only one door, which was made of solid steel.

"What's going on here?" Dr. Pepper asked a fire/rescue lieutenant who was standing on the sidewalk in front of the house. Their conversation is as follows:

Lieutenant: "We got a call from this address about a man who has fallen and broken his leg," the lieutenant said. "But he keeps his door securely locked most of the time, and he can't get to the door to let us in!"

Dr. Pepper: "If he needs medical attention, can't you just kick the door in?"

Lt.: "That's what we'd ordinarily do, but this door swings outward. We can't use axes to break the door in, either, due to its strength. We're going to have to call for some special equipment to get in there. I don't think we have anything powerful enough to get us in there in our regular equipment engines."

Dr.: "Actually, if my suspicions are correct, I have a feeling that you do have everything you need to get into that building, and it won't require destroying the whole house in the process!"

What is Pepper's idea?

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Posted by BadBunnee02 on Apr 07, 2014

Hey ......

I think "Doc" Pep is exactly the kind of man I would like to hang out with.

Not too many people think about the "easy" way to open obstinate doors.

I always laugh when seeing the original Hollywood film "The Thing" when carrot-monster simply opens the barricaded door TOWARD himself and then bats down the planks nailed over the opening.

GREAT story. I gave it tops for fun !!


Posted by Zag24 on Jul 21, 2014

That's ridiculous. Why would anyone fortify his house so securely, and then make a door with the hinges on the outside? It is easy to get a hinge for a door that opens outwards, but still the hinge in not accessible. In any case, with a truly fortified door, even with the hinges off you would still not be able to open the door.

I had thought you were going to ask the fireman to use a fire extinguisher to freeze the door. Since normal steel shrinks significantly, that might shrink the door enough to get it open. For that to work, though, you would have to say something along the lines of, "The firemen had widened the door frame enough that they could see the deadbolt was only holding on by less than a quarter of an inch."

Posted by Marple on Feb 25, 2015

Well I liked it!

Posted by doctapeppaman on Apr 04, 2015

This teaser was intentionally somewhat ludicrous. I apologize if you didn't enjoy it.

Posted by nidhikaila on Jun 24, 2015

Why couldn't they use ropes to scale from the ceiling?

Posted by absy on Jan 02, 2016

Wow, I thought my answer was ridiculous and a little to easily thought of to be right, but it was! Love it.

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