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Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


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Submitted By:Michelle



What object does this represent?

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Posted by beth on Oct 29, 2001

very, very, very clever.

Posted by randyeatmon on Oct 29, 2001

Water is not an object but a substance.

Posted by comet16 on Mar 30, 2002

I agree with randyeatmon, water is not a substance

Posted by cathalmccabe on May 21, 2002

I thought it was 6 sequential letters in the alphabet.
Silly me

Posted by mrbrainyboy on Dec 09, 2005

I've heard it before, but it is pretty ggoooodd.

Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Feb 08, 2006

tricky! trick!, liked this one!! Cool man!

Posted by solarsistim321 on Feb 20, 2006

eh, i guess it's all right, maybe

Posted by Vigo95 on Apr 07, 2006

tee heeheeheeheehee ! i enjoyed it

Posted by Jimbo on Jun 05, 2006

Posted by Stormcrafter on Oct 29, 2006

I like that.

Posted by belnumcree on Apr 04, 2007

I was thinking bridging the gap because those are the letters between G and P. Good one.

Posted by babycee on Apr 04, 2007

ha ha ha. i did not even think of that.

Posted by cooltigerr1 on Jun 22, 2007

i knew it. cuz i've heard it before

Posted by cloughme on Jun 22, 2007


Posted by aprildawn on Jun 22, 2007

H through O.....H to O......H2O....easy one, but goo one.....

Posted by anion on Jun 22, 2007

Too cute!!!

Going to my fave's!!!

Posted by bradon182001 on Jun 22, 2007

Very clever. Definitely a favorite.

Posted by doehead on Jun 22, 2007

Older than Lincoln's beard

Posted by solotravlr on Jun 22, 2007

I thoought something like "letter perfect"
good one though keep em coming

Posted by jabdr on Jun 22, 2007

Once I gave up on TV ratings (age 8 to 15) I finally got it. Way cute!

Posted by Davina511 on Jun 22, 2007

fooled me cuz I said part of the alphabet.

Posted by FatHead on Jun 22, 2007

I've heard that one before. Nice!

Posted by katjojo on Jun 22, 2007


Posted by auntiesis on Jun 22, 2007

Very clever. Short & sweet.

Posted by kauphi1976 on Jun 22, 2007

i thought Hijack a lemon O !
I can never get rebuses :-(( sob sob !

Posted by njm84 on Jun 22, 2007


Posted by smarijczyn on Jun 22, 2007

Maybe the question should be : What element am I? YOu know, from the PEriodic Table of Elements.

Posted by 2ndhandrose on Jun 22, 2007

Didn't get it, I agree water is not
an object.

Wouldn't have gotten it anyway
so good Job

Posted by 2ndhandrose on Jun 22, 2007

Why does every coment say
"this is offensive" under the names.???

Has that always been there?????

Posted by jediliz on Jun 22, 2007

Now I get it!

I'll share this with someone I know who loves brainteasers, too.

Posted by mondayschild59 on Jun 22, 2007

That was fun, even if I did get it wrong. I'm brain dead this morning.


Posted by pengzoid on Jun 22, 2007

if i say "I want water" then water would be the object of the sentence.
clever teaser.

Posted by basketballchica on Jun 22, 2007

I think that was very easy...considering the fact that i have heard it before, that would make sense! lol!

Posted by dshebo on Jun 22, 2007

I agree that water isn't an object, but I think that if you thought hard enough and eventually came up with H2O you would have said that anyway. What I'm saying is that evryone's making a big deal over something that probably didn't even effect your answer anyway. If they said something like "which liquid?" it would have been too obvious. I thought it was a very good and creative teaser!

Posted by rbasch on Jun 22, 2007

Finally... a rebus I could solve (and within 3 seconds). Then again, I placed out of the chemistry requirement of MIT, so it may be my scientific education and mindset that made this rebus particularly easy for me.

I enjoyed it... why can't H20 be an object? Ever heard of an ice cube? Or a noun within a sentence? I think it would be ashame to simply give away the answer in the teaser. I can think of several other possible teasers for this, such as:
"Flowing Letters"
"Alphabet Tap"
"Sea of Letters"
"Drink Up"
"Fish Tank"

Posted by Brock on Jun 22, 2007

that cool I like it

Posted by lmurray on Jun 22, 2007


Posted by thescorpion on Jun 22, 2007

Good rebus...
I think david blaine once posted this on his website as well as the O T T F F S S E N one....

this is a VERY well known rebus, BUT water itself is not a substance though an ice cube is...

Posted by acthatsme91 on Jun 22, 2007

That is stupid H2O is not an object, it is a substance or compound. It would have been clever if it had been reworded.

Posted by donrod on Jun 22, 2007

Great one(I didnt get it)

Posted by breathesunshine on Jun 22, 2007

Well, I'm older than the hills and I hadn't heard it!!! Awesome teaser!

Posted by princess2007 on Jun 25, 2007

nice!! i never get any of these though

Posted by stang99 on Jun 28, 2007

YAY got tht one....haha i liked it

Posted by on Jul 02, 2007

I think it was really good. I also don't think it matters if water is an object or a substance or whatever. You could get the same answer anyway.

Posted by Qrystal on Jul 31, 2007

An oldie but a goodie! I had forgotten this one!! I guess it's not as old as the hills, but I do remember reading it in a joke book I had in the early 80's, and my parents hated that book... heh heh!

Posted by drussel3 on Aug 03, 2007


Posted by racoon on Jan 05, 2008


Posted by AndrewWalker on Jan 06, 2008

Easy! but good, thought of it my self several years ago.

Posted by steeler84 on Jan 17, 2008


great teaser

Posted by billy314 on Jun 16, 2008

Great teaser! Very tricky!

Posted by bluefever101 on Jan 26, 2009

i got it immediatly!
i saw it and just said "H to O" and i'm lyke HEY!

Posted by on May 22, 2010

Hello everyone . Just wanted to say that if you post a comment simply to brag then you are a jackass
(that includes you mr tested out of chemistry, solved it in 3 seconds, big shot )

Posted by dalfamnest on Jun 22, 2010

Still fun after all these decades ... And it *may* even be worth repeating as TOTD just in case someone hasn't come across it before! Thanks

Posted by patiencewithaP on Jun 22, 2010

Clever! Thanks for posting!

Posted by antlerlady on Jun 22, 2010

Great! But is water an object?

Posted by doehead on Jun 22, 2010

Old,old old,old.

Posted by jcann on Jun 22, 2010

I don't get all the fuss over the word object for water. In my dictionary "object" has many definitions, the first one being "something material that may be perceived by the senses." I can see, feel, and taste water. One can also hear it running (in the shower, brooke, waterfall, etc.).A substance is defined as matter of particular or definite chemical composition, which also fits "water." To say that water is a substance but not an object is like saying water is a liquid, or water is a compound--but that doesn't mean it is not an object.
I liked this teaser, but found all the the negative remarks annoying.

Also, my Thesaurus (Roget's) lists "thing" as a synonym for object and "something" for substance.

Posted by Starkiller on Jun 22, 2010

Today's teaser got me there, my first guess was the alphabet

Posted by bear01 on Jun 28, 2010

love a good geeky one.. who cares if it is old...who cares if it is a repeat... it is a teaser and this is a website for sharing teasers. The website is awesome and its content is the perfect brain awakener.. I LOVE IT and more people need to be grateful for how this modern technology has enabled intenational sharing of knowledge thanks a bunch Braingle and all the wonderful contributors

Posted by Marijah on Jun 30, 2010

Have people always been this condescending and particular?!?!? If everyone here is such an EINSTEIN, maybe they shouldnt be wasting valuable "genius" time on Braingle!! yeesh CHILL OUT ALREADY with the naggy-picking-apart... its obnoxious!

The teaser was cute. enough said

Posted by Babe on Jun 22, 2013

Whether old or worded wrong, according to all the "know it alls," it was a cute teaser. I never read it before and the wording did not bother me. I just enjoyed the teaser. Thanks for posting!

Posted by HABS2933 on Jun 22, 2013

It is an old one, and I guess if you've never seen it before it is cute. I liked it the first time I saw it too, but it is usually told as a joke about a smart-aleck kid who answers that way on a test when asked "what is the chemical symbol for water?"
When asked why he answered that way he replies "You told us it was H to O".

Posted by cutebug on Jun 22, 2013


Posted by gaylewolf on Jun 22, 2013

Thanks, Habs. I think this is much cuter, more clever, and I liked it much better told as a joke. Otherwise, the letters HIJKLMNO mean nothing to me. The fact that it's old doesn't bother me at all. It's bound to be new to people new to braingle. The best thing about it being old is reading the comments of disgruntled people who are miffed because they have seen it before!

Posted by Maggiethe8th on Jun 22, 2013

I love Braingle for any stimulation I would not normally have gotten, and without stress-I enjoyed that it was easy-and it was fun!

Posted by Babe on Jun 22, 2016

And I enjoyed reading it again three years later. Sometimes I remember the teaser from some time ago, but do not remember the answer, so it does not bother me being old, and I think Braingle is going to be over one of these days as no one is participating anymore. How sad!!

Posted by Marple on Jun 22, 2016

Wow! I learned this one nearly 50 years ago! It's so old it's fossilised!

Posted by Alpha_Mark on Jun 24, 2016

Easy - I haven't heard of it before. I guessed it when I noticed that this is a string of letters from one letter to another.

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