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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Fun:**** (3.12)
Difficulty:** (1.27)
Submitted By:Galadriel


What king can you make if you take
the head of a lamb
the middle of a pig
the hind of a buffalo
and the tail of a dragon?


A lion, king of the jungle! (the head of a Lamb, the middle of a pIg, the hind of a buffalO and the tail of a dragoN)

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Posted by supershlop on Sep 02, 2002

nice riddle!

Posted by majd on Sep 04, 2002

A very cute riddle, keep those coming.

Posted by LadyGoldie3 on Oct 04, 2002

I definitely liked this one!!!

Posted by jucy-lu on Oct 04, 2002

goog one. i did not think of an animal king !

Posted by angel11 on Oct 04, 2002

I'm so happy i got it! Nice riddle!

Posted by mastervivi131 on Oct 05, 2002

Nice one. You got me!

Posted by Ember on Oct 23, 2002

it was easy but it was a nice riddle

Posted by ugz33 on Oct 15, 2003

i think that was a really good one, not too simple, but not too complicated(if u know what you're looking for.)

Posted by Chelsie on Oct 15, 2004

little simple for a nerd like me, but nice effort

Posted by craftymom2896 on Oct 15, 2004

Kind-of easy, but fun. I like it.

Posted by bellhead on Oct 15, 2004

Good one!

Posted by orlilover on Oct 15, 2004

that was a funny riddle! keep them coming!

P.S. like your name. I like galadriel very much myself

Posted by on Oct 15, 2004

That was a good one.

Posted by BrenBeadSP on Oct 16, 2004

You should see the picture I drew trying to figure this out! Good one, thanks.

Posted by luma11 on Oct 15, 2005

That was great... I loved it!!

Posted by smarty_blondy on Oct 15, 2005

Heehee, cute teaser, i like it.

Posted by bluehawk on Oct 15, 2005

much to my surpruse i got it. cute, i liked it. it was pretty easy.

Posted by redraptor50 on Oct 15, 2005

That was great, I had to study it for awhile and I think I made it harder than it was Keep up the good work

Posted by Question_Mark on Oct 15, 2005

Very cool !

Posted by edgwood on Oct 15, 2005

really good missed it completely thanks for the wake-up.have a blessed day

Posted by zigthepig on Oct 15, 2005

woiw i actually got it...... VERY GOOD THOGH!!!!

Posted by JudgeJosh on Oct 15, 2005

It's simple but takes a second to get.

Posted by solidgordy on Oct 15, 2005

I think this was the second one I got. But, getting them is so fun! So, I wouldn't say at all that it was TOO easy, just that it was hard enough to make you think a little, and easy enough for some of us to get it and feel good. Thanks. (If you did wanna make it harder, maybe you could give a different hint, like, what member of the royal family, also, if you said: what king is this, or what king does this describe instead of "what king can you MAKE..." because that was a big hint right there about how to solve it.

Posted by Aarghonauts on Oct 15, 2005

Zoinks! I got another one! Thanks for the fun riddle and the boost of confidence

Posted by chaskey on Oct 15, 2005

Easy but refreshingly clever. Good for waking in the morning.

Posted by sweetmama on Oct 15, 2005


Posted by jcann on Oct 15, 2005

Good one! I just about gave in--I, too ,was making a picture in my mind of the body parts, but as I clicked on "show answer" I thought of using the letters, so I got it just before the answer showed up.

Posted by Tangle on Oct 15, 2005

That was fun, i was trying to envision the thing, when i should have been thinking about what i was reading.. Wake me up! i need some coffee.

Posted by soccercow10 on Oct 15, 2005

that was really easy.-but fun ...........

Posted by ilovelucy2 on Oct 15, 2005

Very Cute... Quite easy (which is great for me) but lovable!

Posted by jessjspieks on Oct 15, 2005

very cute and easy

Posted by MewAdriana on Oct 15, 2005

Oh, nice. I re-read it just to make sure if I was right at first. Interesting.

Posted by iteachkids on Oct 15, 2005

ARRRGGGHHH! I should have gotten that. I just SAW "Lion King!" And besides, how many "kinds" of "king" are there? ... One I did come up with was "viKING," but here in Minne-SNOW-ta, Vikings just disgust us anymore ...

Posted by dreamcatcher on Oct 15, 2005

Hey, we liked it! My friend & I.He's in Nashville & I'm in Dallas.Stumped us both for min.

Posted by riddlelover on Oct 15, 2005

I liked my answer better - a mutant mess! Clever teaser! Keep it up!

Posted by chipmunklover on Oct 15, 2005

that was a good teaser but kinda childish for my liking but it was cute

Posted by on Oct 15, 2005

heheheh i didn't get that one
very cute!

Posted by POPS on Oct 15, 2005

You got me my friend Good one Good job A favorite in my bank

Posted by jamie_65 on Oct 15, 2005

way too hare for me but they all are...

Posted by DoesntBite on Oct 15, 2005

I liked this teaser. Sometimes we overlook whats right in front of us!! Great job!

Posted by CHICANA812 on Oct 15, 2005

Two thumbs up!

Posted by kimberlykay on Oct 15, 2005

Good Riddle...I got it right away!
Yeah ME!!

Posted by paintballa944 on Oct 15, 2005

Really great. I like the ones that are fun, creative, and not that hard.

LOL. good one.

Posted by EKBsnookiepie on Oct 16, 2005

Posted by don_antonini on Oct 16, 2005

Posted by michelle3617 on Oct 16, 2005

Yay I got it! That was cute.

Posted by michelle3617 on Oct 16, 2005

Yay I got it! That was cute.

Posted by Haylie1506 on Oct 17, 2005

Good job. That was good!

Posted by gotabody on Oct 21, 2005

Nice & EZ

Posted by litt1eME on Nov 12, 2005

simple and sweet.

Posted by brainjuice on Apr 06, 2006

nice one

Posted by SPUTNIK2 on Sep 06, 2006

very nice!

Posted by i_luv_2_read on Oct 15, 2006

i like it....i had the right idea of finding the letters in each word....but i didn't actually get it....too impatient... ...also it's late at night right now.... and my brain is turning off

good teaser

Posted by lmurray on Oct 15, 2006



Posted by bladd on Oct 15, 2006

Nice one

Posted by OldChinaHand on Oct 15, 2006

Umm, too bad, over here the only thing with four legs we don't eat are tables...and this was beginning to sound royally tasty. Good One.

Posted by RRAMMOHAN on Oct 15, 2006

Quite a simple one. Well-composed.

Posted by marschie on Oct 15, 2006

I like them EZ -- thanks.

Posted by Badger on Oct 15, 2006

I liked it. Thought it was fun. Thanks for submitting!

GO TIGERS! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Posted by unConfuseMe on Oct 15, 2006

I failed.
GO JESUS!(Sorry, i couldn't resist)

Posted by unConfuseMe on Oct 15, 2006

By the way, that is really GROSS what "Old Cina Hand" wrote.

Posted by jabdr on Oct 15, 2006

Total brain freeze. Felt pretty dumbola after reading answer. Great job.

Posted by bradon182001 on Oct 15, 2006

I didn't get it either until I read the answer. Guess I should have taken a little more time with it as I probably would have gotten it on my own. It really is easy once you see what it is.

Posted by coachpisco on Oct 15, 2006

Enjoyed that a lot. Thanks.

Posted by Pizzazz2u on Oct 15, 2006

When you know what you are looking for, the answer falls in place. I will not rate the difficulty, because of my knowledge, but

Posted by skittle499 on Oct 15, 2006

Nice one, (of course I didn't get it)l and it is really gross what "Old China Hand"said.Ew!

Posted by nu_rob_roy on Oct 15, 2006

Fun and easy, thanks. Do more.

OCH is just passing along a humorous old Chinese saying.

Posted by flamehead on Oct 15, 2006

That was a good one!! Very tricky!

Posted by schmedley9 on Oct 15, 2006



Posted by tmking on Oct 15, 2006


Posted by FeaerFactorY666 on Oct 15, 2006


Posted by speedqueenkmw on Oct 15, 2006

I didn't get it~duh

Posted by brainster on Oct 15, 2006

I liked this one too. Very cute.

Posted by MalcolmReynolds on Oct 15, 2006

Very nice.

Posted by Firemoon on Oct 15, 2006

That-was- GREAT!!!>^^

Posted by FatHead on Oct 15, 2006

Too easy! But I liked it anyway.

Posted by scallio on Oct 15, 2006

Goodness gracious me, how did so many of you get that when it was totally random? If the letters had at least been in order (L first letter of Lamb, I second letter of Bird, O third letter of Dromedary, N forth letter of Fawn) I might have had a chance. I don't see how any of you got this one!

Posted by scallio on Oct 15, 2006

Goodness gracious me again! I get it now! Oh my, I am a bit slow today. Feeling very sheepish! Baa baa...

Posted by evan_0819 on Oct 15, 2006

HI.......Im EVAN from phil.

Posted by phyllisa on Oct 16, 2006

Cute, got it right away!

Posted by tdbrsun on Oct 16, 2006

I was stumped . don't know what I was thinking. I liked it though

Posted by luvdoritos706 on Oct 17, 2006

nice one....thats crafty

Posted by dimez_00 on Oct 18, 2006

i actually got this one right away because i saw one like this b4..... not saying you stole it (and not using sarcasm either because people tend to think that all the time) but i just saw it b4.


Posted by teasermaster on Oct 24, 2006

Good teaser. Thanks!

Posted by vlerma on Oct 28, 2006

opsUH1 Again right over my old head. Nice job and cute when you know the answre. Give me another chance with another one please?

Posted by Qrystal on Nov 08, 2006

Woohoo I got it, and riddles aren't my strong point! Somehow I knew you were talking about letters. But I was a little perplexed at "hind" vs "tail" ... I didn't realize that both could mean the end of the word, and so I wrote down some nonsense things like "LIFFON" and "LIALON" before I realized it must be "LION"!

Anyways, that was indeed cute and fun (and pretty easy, but in this case it added to the fun )

Posted by auntiesis on Oct 15, 2009

Very cute, very easy, very enjoyable. Thanks.

Posted by UptheHill on Oct 15, 2009


Posted by patiencewithaP on Oct 15, 2009

Fun! Thanks for posting!

Posted by quesadillaman12 on Oct 15, 2009

Nicely done! I love this wordplay, although I solved it without looking at the answer.

Posted by avonma on Oct 15, 2009

I got it. I am finally learning ways to work these out. YAY!

Posted by Babe on Oct 15, 2012

I got! I got it! I got it! I can't believe I got it! Finally learning how these things work. It is really fun when you know how.

Posted by cutebug on Oct 15, 2012

New and easy for me,but very old and wornout for the veterans.

Posted by supernova12 on Oct 15, 2012

It was really easy but it was an interesting idea. Great job!

Posted by ultimatecub on Oct 15, 2015

There are loads of word-based riddles on the site.

Posted by jaycr on Oct 15, 2015

Babe's comment made me smile.
I got it too!

Posted by raisin99 on Oct 15, 2015

a tad too easy, but a good way to start the day

Posted by thecatladycac on Oct 15, 2015

Cute! Easy, but still FUN!

Posted by gaylewolf on Oct 17, 2015

I wasn't on the right track. Clever puzzle - thanks!

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