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Teasers in review that have problems.

Posted: 01:15PM Mar 1, 2018
Avatar for ThinksForFun ThinksForFun*
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Hi Snowdog,

FYI, if you click on one of your own pending teasers which brings you to the "Watch Your Teaser" webpage, then the teaser ID# is part of the URL (web address) at the top of the browser window. Just thought you may appreciate knowing this.

Posted: 01:12PM Mar 2, 2018
Posts: 18

So it is! Thanks TFF. Live and learn.

The Ticked Off teaser I mentioned above is ID #51761.
Posted: 06:04PM Mar 2, 2018
Posts: 18

I solved Baby Mix Up #51753 using direct deduction. The logic is solid and the answer is correct as stated.

In clue #13, there are no times with digits that exceed 20. The clue could just be the digits add up to more than 10.

Possibly, consider adding a hint to remove the trivia aspects for those who get stuck. Consider "Hint: 1) Jason was a famous Argonaut, 2) complementary color pairs include yellow/green and red/purple.
Posted: 12:25PM Mar 5, 2018
Posts: 18

In "I see you, you see me" (#51760), the riddle is fine. I found the formatting and punctuation distracting. Should this be presented in a stanze form instead of the stream of comma separated sentences and clauses?
Posted: 05:38PM Mar 5, 2018
Posts: 18

I reviewed Athletic Espionage (#51762).

I finally arrived at the final answer, matching the given solution. However, I could not get it using straight deduction. I had to take a 50/50 guess, hit a contradiction, then essentially start over and take the other path. Not a showstopper.

I also used the addiontional information that the scores were 6-10, as presented in the attached logic grid. I don't know if the puzzle can be solved without that information. If not, it should be included in the puzzle so that people who use a paper logic grid can solve the puzzle.

A couple grammatical items in the description:
1) "the player's stats" should be "the players' stats" or "each player's stats".
2) " Can you determine their former team, their jersey number, how many goals he has scored this past season?" could be

"Can you determine each player's former team, jersey number and goals scored last year?"


"Can you determine their former team, their jersey number, and how many goals they scored this past season?"
Posted: 12:49PM Mar 13, 2018
Posts: 18

I reviewed teaser #51774, Pop Star's Murder. All of the codes and ages are correct and verified.

Is this the right place to put a comment like this, or is there some other forum topic for review notes that are not problems?
Posted: 04:34PM Mar 19, 2018
Posts: 18

In teaser #51796, "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes", the answer should start with "All 100 blue-eyed people leave...". The current reference to "all 100 people" is vague.

The logic in this puzzle is very good. It is a difficult concept to convey clearly.

It may help to state a general case that every islander can test each day:

"If everyone can deduce there are more blue-eyed people than I can see, then I have blue eyes."

On day 1, the guru guarantees there is one blue eyed person. If someone saw no blue-eyed people, they would deduce they have blue eyes and leave.
One day 2, since no one left, they can all deduce there must be at least two blue eyed people. If anyone sees only one blue-eyed person, they will leave.
On day 3, since no one left, they can deduce there must be at least three blue-eyed people. If anyone sees only two other blue-eyed people, they will leave.

On day 100, they all deduce there are at least 100 blue eyed people. The 100 blue-eyed people only see 99 other blue-eyed people, so they all leave.
Posted: 12:00AM Mar 21, 2018
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Papa Fish
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Snowdog wrote:
I reviewed teaser #51774, Pop Star's Murder. All of the codes and ages are correct and verified.

Is this the right place to put a comment like this, or is there some other forum topic for review notes that are not problems?

This is a fine place to make comments.

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Posted: 12:39PM Mar 29, 2018
Posts: 18

In teaser #51809, "All Of Our Time", I recommend changing "I might get a big hurl", to "I might get hurled". This is less awkward and actually rhymes with "world" in the previous line.
Posted: 09:28PM Apr 4, 2018
Avatar for bfftwer bfftwerAus
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I'm just wondering why my teaser "Nonexistent" #51806 has 3 reject votes from editors?

Adventures happen because you say yes!
Posted: 11:32AM Jun 6, 2018
Posts: 18

My teaser #51892 "What's the Difference?" looks like it is headed for rejection. Please give me some feedback on this teaser. Do you think it can be modified and salvaged, or do I need to abandon it? I apprecieate you work and your opinions.
Posted: 12:32AM Jun 12, 2018
Avatar for froggygg froggyggAusmod
Magical Sorceress Frog
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Snowdog, I just checked and your teaser is being rejected because for cryptograms, you should include the author's name of the quote if known. Random sentences are not acceptable as cryptograms. All cryptograms should be more than one sentence long.

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
Posted: 05:12PM Jun 12, 2018
Posts: 18

Interesting. I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks for the details!
Posted: 04:41PM Jul 9, 2018
Posts: 18

I think teaser #51955 "Donald Lies" has a problem. If Michael reloaded an odd number of skids from those already unloaded by Donald and Kim, then the rows could indeed have an odd difference. For example:

Donald and Kim each unload 50 skids before lunch. Michael reloads 13 of Kim's skids, and one from inside the warehouse. Now, Donald has 50 skids and Kim has 37 in their rows, and there are 82 left to unload.

Kim unloads 34 after lunch and Donald unloads 48, because Kim was looking for his missing skids. Donald's total is 98, while Kim's is 71, a difference of 27.

It should be made clear that Michael reloaded completely different skids from some other location.
Posted: 04:58PM Jul 9, 2018
Posts: 18

Teaser #51958 "Missing Number". The answer should be 14, not 21.
Posted: 01:38PM Jul 17, 2018
Posts: 18

Argh, there is a typo in my teaser #51959 "Halloween Equals Christmas". In the explanation of the answer it says:

Oct 30 can be rebus read as Octal 31

This should be Oct 31, not Oct 30. Sorry for the sloppy submission.
Posted: 12:02PM Jul 24, 2018
Posts: 18

Hey Eds, thanks for flagging my Halloween teaser as a duplicate. I did search to see if it was on the site, but I searched for Halloween in the teaser. I will always search the titles going forward. Halloween did not appear in the body of the teaser, so I missed it.

Thanks as always for all of your hard work keeping Braingle quality high!
Posted: 11:45AM Jul 25, 2018
Posts: 18

Teaser 51973 "Correct the Equation" has a third solution. Add a diagonal line above and connecting to the equal sign to make 5 + 5 + 5
Posted: 06:47AM Jun 2, 2019
Avatar for Tilley TilleyA
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Re: "Mr. Froopaloop's Band" (teaser #52224)

I enjoyed this logic-grid teaser. It is well-crafted and I was able to derive the solution as stated.

I have voted to accept with modifications, because of a lack of capitalization in the second sentence of clue 4, and the missing question mark in the final question.

I do have a concern with the final question itself. As written, it could lead people to think that the person who plays the flute and the person who rents from the south end of town are two separate people.

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Posted: 12:48PM Aug 16, 2019
Avatar for KDestroyer9 KDestroyer9Aus
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My teaser "Matchsticks" has a problem in the answer that I want to fix, but it's already in the review stage.
If you want me to tell you the mistake so you mods can change it I will be happy to do so.

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