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Notes from Moderators/Ask the Moderators

Posted: 04:04PM Oct 19, 2007
Posts: 3

Oh, thanks, whew. I thought they'd send it back or something. Never mind then. That's my only question.
Posted: 07:04PM Mar 27, 2008
Posts: 1216

This question is a little weird, but since there are so many teasers, and since the advanced search doesn't work for me (unless im taught lol), how do i know if my teaser is a duplicate or not?

Posted: 07:15PM Mar 27, 2008
Avatar for phrebh phrebhbus
Posts: 1870

The advanced search is your answer. Either that or you can solve every teaser and remember them all, which actually works to a certain (limited) extent for me.

Never send a linguist to do a physicist's work.
Posted: 10:51AM Sep 24, 2008
Avatar for kwelchans kwelchansAus
Posts: 6

Is there any way we can appeal teaser rejections? I have had a rebus teaser rejected because the answer was a single word rather than a phrase, but I have seen several rebuses that have single words as the answer. If you don't like my teaser, that's fine, but rules should be applied consistently.

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Posted: 12:47PM Jun 5, 2009
Avatar for phrebh phrebhbus
Posts: 1870

You can post your argument in the Ask a Question forum.

Never send a linguist to do a physicist's work.
Posted: 12:41AM Jan 3, 2011
Avatar for spud spudAnz
Posts: 1231

any easy ways to get lots of points etc.over 250 because i have got a couple of really cool ones that stump my friends!!!!!

Check out my wiki.
Posted: 03:19PM Jan 3, 2011
Avatar for No_Eyed_Fsh No_Eyed_FshAau
Posts: 258


First, complete the IQ test to get some quick points. Click Here for the IQ Test!

Then either rate lots of teasers or create trivia quizzes, or a little bit of both.

All the things you can do to get points.
Posted: 08:07PM Jan 3, 2011
Avatar for Shadows ShadowsAca
Posts: 4784

Before you submit your teasers, though, do a few searches first to make sure they're not already submitted by other users.

I look forward to reading them!
Posted: 11:08PM Jan 6, 2011
Avatar for spud spudAnz
Posts: 1231

thanx for those ideas already done the iq test though

Check out my wiki.
Posted: 03:32PM Jun 12, 2013
Posts: 1

How can you tell what is a duplicate and what is not? Is there a quick way to do it?
Posted: 11:29AM Jun 13, 2013
Avatar for Mathgeek007 Mathgeek007Aca
Pi Guy
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Search if there is any exactly identical teasers.

If there is, it is identical.

I do not understand the question...

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Posted: 12:52AM Jan 17, 2014
Avatar for fineprint fineprintAna
Posts: 1

I have made two quizzes in the sports category and put on proof reading for both. How do I know if they were proof read so that I can submit them to the quiz masters?

---This message was edited on 01:02AM Jan 17, 2014---
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