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Stop sucking your thumb does NOT mean to use MINE!!!

Submitted by IB247
Don't worry, Mitch! I'll get the kitten out!

Submitted by Frada8D
Oh, put a paw in it!

Submitted by katangirl16
Boston Terrier Cream Pie... my favorite!

Submitted by LambertLady
Oh man, real dogs DON'T taste like hot dogs!

Submitted by celtichero
Yeah, yeah I'm a doctor! Now say AAHH!

Submitted by
Stop snorring..!

Submitted by Nagbhushan82
Here's your Punch you ordered.

Submitted by KiraKaty
Lickin' my pup-sicle!

Submitted by hnolan
Some people eat a dozen raw eggs. Some people... well some people take it a step further.

Submitted by Katie_go_bears
No... I'm not a vampire...

Submitted by saelle138
Rub-a-dub-dub, there's too many puppes in the tub!

Submitted by geniusgirl13
This year's "Puppy Bowl" has had dramatic budget cuts.

Submitted by Hrsemn4
The phrase, "You're so cute I could just eat you up!" does NOT apply to this situation!

Submitted by cookies466
Does this paw taste funny to you, too?

Submitted by labbie
Hey wait a minute, how many weight watcher points are in one bowl of these?

Submitted by QueenBee23
Psst......can you keep a secret???

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
And after we check your ears, nose and throat, you'll need to bend over and cough.....

Submitted by NYTETIMER2
When I said I was craving puppy chow, this is NOT what I had in mind.

Submitted by undercover
Shhh!! They'll find us!!

Submitted by
"Ha ha..told you my paw was faster than your tongue! Stick it out again."

Submitted by
What the??? My mouth tastes like foot.

Submitted by BMX2
"Hey, how long ago did you swallow my rubber bone? It's in there pretty deep."

Submitted by Davegle
Igor, I've done it! I have finnaly brought Oreos to life!

Submitted by glowtmickey
Feed me!

Submitted by kaipolani114
"Why are we in a bowl? And who's the guy with the soy sauce and chop sticks?"

Submitted by squabkicker
Mmmmm. A nice big bowl of LIVE PUPPIES!!!

Submitted by storkofthemork
Hey..if we milk this cuteness thing, we could end up on the cover of L. L. could happen.

Submitted by JEWELEDDIVA
Sssshhh!!!! I thought I heard Michael Vicks....

Submitted by KIZMIAZ
Put a paw in it!

Submitted by ShiariSunShine
When OREO's go bad.

Submitted by Qball479
Do NOT call it a litter basket again! You want to end up on the curb???

Submitted by IMPAUDITOR2
Face it - a passle of pups is a darn sight lighter than a barrel of monkies....

Submitted by CRABBYDAD
No more Boston baked beans.....give it a rest dude, it's a small basket.

Submitted by NANG

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