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Submitted By:dsquared
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An elderly pool attendant is starting to get sick of having to open the swimming pool every Monday, so he decides that the pool will remain closed on Mondays from now on. Being of reasonably limited English, he makes up a sign which he hangs from the front gate. What's special about his sign?


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by astro09/24/02
Good one D.

Posted by JTJS09/26/02

Posted by angel1110/03/02
Wouldn't you have to turn it upside down and backwards?

Posted by Floating_dreamer10/06/02
Very visible answer but still good! :)

Posted by Flynn10/17/02
Oops! This is a gotcha! I figured it out in 2 seconds flat! "It's a palindrome", I said! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Very nice!

Posted by dsquared10/17/02
I have to admit that this is probably one of about 2 or 3 of my teasers that I got from somewhere else. A friend told me it and I thought I would share it. I thought it was quite neat. Angel.. no, you try it, write it on a piece of paper and simply 'spin' the paper around as if you had put a pin in the centre of the paper so that it is upside down. Lalael, yes I guess it is simple, don't know about pre-school simple but I imagine it's still fun. Thanks everyone for stopping by and voting and commenting. D^2.

Posted by jucy-lu10/17/02
well i liked it!!!!!!!!

Posted by jizzyhuggs10/17/02
hey, this was cool, but I have to admit, my 7 year old got this one too.

Posted by Bigsurf1810/17/02
I have to say, right when i saw the solution, i still didn't think it'd work out, then when i wrote it out, it worked nicely! Great Teaser! Keep em up!

Posted by doggyxp10/18/02
pretty good : )

Posted by something11/11/02
well, jizz, from what i've heard, your seven-year-old is a child prodigy?

Posted by heather77706/26/03
I heard this one at school and I forgot what it was and it's been bothering me so thanks

Posted by MattM46210/20/03
That's cool. A "funny kid" can't turn it upside down!!

Posted by Chelsie10/25/04
:-? a tad simple ...

Posted by Mad-Ade10/25/04
nice of you to admit it here....

Posted by dsquared10/25/04
Wow, there's been a few visitors since I last stopped by. Thanks for all the comments. Chelsie, I hope you don't make anyone feel stupid because you proclaim that it's simple yet others may not find it so... teasers can be like that you know. :) .

Posted by melybug10/26/04
:lol: i got it in a few seconds (one of the only ones mind u!!) any way it's a good one though i've read it in a book before did u copy or just hear it and decided to put it on?b :-?

Posted by MrIxolite10/27/04
Just because it is simple doesn't make it any less clever.

Posted by MrIxolite10/28/04
er..yes they will...your point?

Posted by Tongue-Twister10/30/04
I guessed that it didn't say "one" in between "NOW NO SWIMS ON MONDAY" :oops: GREAT TEASER! :D :D :D

Posted by StepIntoNoWhere11/15/04
lol.. good one.. could have been a little harder.. I figured it out.. over all good though. :)

Posted by dsquared11/17/04
Hmmmm, busy busy again. Thanks for the comments. :D

Posted by centerofme09/30/05
i thought now no swims on would read backword.

Posted by Unraveled10/16/06
Great one! It didn't take too long to figure out, but the way you incorporated the clever word trick into a story was fabulous :)

Posted by dsquared10/16/06

Posted by calmsavior12/16/06

Posted by cloughme11/28/07
Cute... but very easy.... :wink:

Posted by neal_venables11/28/07
Very, very nice Not just a palindrome, but a palindrome with rotational symmetry as well. I wonder if there's a special term for sentences that meet those two criteria? :D

Posted by britocas11/28/07
:lol: Easy still nice palindrome

Posted by darthpotterbob11/28/07
u guys its not really a palindrome... it wouldnt be the same if it were read backwards... :-? anyw/ great teaser! a little too easy tho, i got it pretty quick.

Posted by 2ndhandrose11/28/07
FIRST THINGS 1ST ... CAN WE GET NOT "AWESOME 100" OFF OF HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2ND I liked the teaser. I got it in about 2 minutes. I never knew what a palindrome was. Now I do. I had fun solving it. Thanks for submitting it. :wink: :lol:

Posted by bradon18200111/28/07
I agree with Rose about Awesome 100's comment being uncalled for. And I also agree that this teaser is fun and easily solved. Good job. :o

Posted by rameherhard11/28/07
:roll: :roll: thought it was a very lame and boreing

Posted by saleprice11/28/07
:D got it immediately. Palindrome, it made my day to be right so early for a change LOL

Posted by teri1226511/28/07
It wasn't 'simple' or boring. In fact, only one person truly got the answer - that was Calm Savior. The type of teaser this is, is called an ambigram. (A palindrome is a word/phrase/etc. that can be read the same forward and backward. An ambigram is more artistical. Remember the Da Vinci Code and the symbols? Those were ambigrams. Ambigrams can be read the same or make different words/pictures in different positions.) Have a great day, everyone! =)

Posted by jaydeco11/28/07
That was fun!!! :D

Posted by doehead11/28/07
Pretty easy for me. :) :) GROWUP AWESOME

Posted by tommysmo11/28/07
enjoyed it though i found it very easy...

Posted by j27911/28/07
First of all, it's not a palindrome. It can't be read the same way backwords and forwards. Secondly, neat teaser! Easy, but that's not a bad thing. :D

Posted by j27911/28/07
Oops! Just realized I spelled "backwards" wrong in my previous comment! :oops:

Posted by avonma11/28/07
Upside down and backwards! Neat! Thanks!

Posted by djryce11/28/07
For the last time, people. This is NOT a palindrome. It does NOT read the same backwards to forward. If you read it backwards, it would make no sense. It's an ambigram, because you have to flip it upside-down.

Posted by dogg6pound911/28/07
i found this teaser fun and easy, but that doesnt mean that it would be easy for everybody... awesomes comment was deleted before i got here, which by the looks of it, was a good thing... i liked this teaser and never saw it before until now... thanx and keep 'em coming :D :D :D

Posted by dogg6pound911/28/07
so sorry... i need to correct my grammar... my statement should read "doesnt mean it will"

Posted by moody1234511/28/07
Nice one! 8)

Posted by 4demo11/28/07
Easy but clever and fun! :D

Posted by Stupidenator11/28/07
No you people its not a P A L I N D R O M E its just the same upside down. :roll:

Posted by auntiesis11/28/07
I got it quite quickly, but I think it is very clever, very clever indeed. I truly enjoyed this teaser. Many thanks. :D :)

Posted by Hungrygit11/28/07
Liked it, nice. 8)

Posted by josciehabick11/28/07
i so did not get that

Posted by kasiecom11/28/07
just rotate 180 degrees, just 1 action instead of turning upside down nd backwards, 2 actions. TOOsimple for here

Posted by katjojo11/28/07
Very cute!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by IlikeWAFFLES11/28/07
Does it matter............ :-? :-? :-? :-? :-?

Posted by jabdr11/28/07
Easy but matter what it is or isn't :roll: (Happy to say I don't 'see' awesome 100's remarks.) The system works :D :)

Posted by hipeople11/28/07
that is funny :)

Posted by composer11/28/07
This is an actual event from M C Escher's childhood. It was an epiphany for him (or at least an inspiration - can't find my book right now...).

Posted by Madelulabelle11/28/07
Great teaser, I got it fairly easily because all during algebra this week I've been writing messages on my calculator by turning it upside down. (4=h, 3=E, 7=L, 0=O; 0.7734=hELLO!) Yeah, my mom got kinda mad at me, because I stupidly kept showing my discoveries to her! (I'm homeschooled)

Posted by AuthenticallyMe11/28/07
The capital letters stood out to me, so I read that sentence and I figured out the answer before I read the whole teaser...pretty wierd how I could get to exactly where this teaser was going... Well, this teaser was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this teaser with us here at Braingle!

Posted by mondayschild5911/30/07
That one was easy peasy. I like it anyway. Sometimes they just jump out at you, and then sometimes you can't see for lookin. Thanks Monday~ :D

Posted by dsquared01/29/08
Thanks so much for all the comments. Missed the gem from awesome. Good to see there are still those types around on Braingle :wink: . Just so everyone knows, and I'm not sure if I already shared this but this is not a dsquared original I did receive it somewhere at some point and thought it a good one to share. :)

Posted by dsquared01/21/09
Bit late steve8rox, but thanks so much for your well thought out words.

Posted by Prinesca04/29/10
Great teaser!

Posted by beyonce12306/15/10
I started to read it as a palindrome but then I was like nooo... And then it jumped out at me.

Posted by crocodile11/28/10
I thought it was a palindrome, but I guessed the correct answer as I clicked the 'Show Answer' button..... Darn!

Posted by phyllisa11/28/10
Great teaser.

Posted by squeakQT11/28/10
cute, i give up on these things way to easy though, i read it, looked at the question, shrugged and said "oh well", and then looked at the answer :oops: :D :-?

Posted by XRiddleDragonX11/29/10
Easy, but good! I got it the second I read it, but that was just me. ^^ Great Teaser!

Posted by Babe11/28/13
:-? :o :( :cry: :roll:

Posted by cutebug11/28/13
God Bless all the turkeys who have sacrificed their lives to feed all the hungry mouths. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by Maggiethe8th11/28/13
had it not been for Braingle practice, I'd have had a more difficult time! this was good- :)

Posted by mrbill5112/04/16
That was an fun and easy teaser; got it right away.


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