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Disney Animated Films


Posts: 3192

new Posted: 01:48PM Jul 22, 2014

My Ghibli topic isn't getting any love, so maybe this one will be a tad better? No poll this time as it might not work (I still can't believe only one other person did the Ghibli one).

Do you have any favourite Disney animated film? Any least favourites? Have anything to say about any of them? Post it here. Both CG and traditional animation films are acceptable. I actually went through a good number of ones I had either forgotten or never seen this summer.

I'm a sucker for the Disney Renaissance films, probably because those were the ones loved around me as a kid. I was actually surprised at Lady and the Tramp, though. Like all Disney films, I felt the ending was a bit abrupt, but I liked it well enough. I also saw Cars and I have to admit that it wasn't the worst film ever. It's okay for what it is and works well. Although the setting and ride are interesting, I can't say I liked Peter Pan too well.

I can't say I liked Brave as it seemed like it was already done before. The Brother Bear plotline seemed forced. Also, I heard Let It Go in Korean in a Korean market yesterday, so there's that. People still love that song. What do you guys think?

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Posts: 804

new Posted: 03:49PM Jul 23, 2014

The Lion King will always be my favorite of the Disney Renaissance and just about any Pixar film is worth a watch.

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Posts: 221

new Posted: 09:12PM Jul 28, 2014

My favourite's definitely Lion King. Always has been. But I also love Mulan and most of the Renaissance movies though Pocahontas is really historically inaccurate. The Renaissance just looks really Disney. The modern Disney movies just don't feel Disney, because of the CG.

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