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"How much does my dog weigh?"


Posts: 1423

new Posted: 01:17PM Jun 22, 2013

My idea would be sort of a combo math/situation teaser or something. You're supposed to ask questions, and get information such as how much the owner weighs by himself, how much he weighs holding his dog, and the fact that the dog won't stay on the scale. I'm not sure where to put it or how to write it.

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Not Edward (Eddie)
Posts: 5120

new Posted: 02:02PM Nov 13, 2013

I don't see how this could be a situation riddle. Or how it could be a math teaser. If you're allowed to know how much the owner weighs, and how much the owner and the dog together weigh...then it's just a subtraction problem, not a teaser.

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Posts: 1423

new Posted: 05:38PM Jan 29, 2014

Well, the idea is you have to know what questions to ask. You can only get useful information from asking about the owner's weight and the combination's weight, and you're not allowed to learn the dog's weight directly.

Shogi fan? Chess fan? Fan of the game Go? Like Japan? You should visit to play shogi.
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Public Forums >> Writing Teasers >>

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