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Chess suggestions.


Posts: 1443

new Posted: 01:07PM Jan 18, 2013

Hi, I have a few things regarding chess.

1. In the documentation, "do a little tango" is a bit confusing; I recommend either replacing it with, or adding to it, something like "the king moves two spaces toward the rook in a single move, and the rook jumps over it." Or something.

2. In the "Checkmate" section, "opponents" needs an apostrophe.

3. Just for the heck of it, allow pawns to under-promote. The way that would work is that in the space left for messages (e.g. "That move is illegal. Your king could be taken!") it would say, "Choose what to promote to:", followed by "Q, R, B, N" or pictures of the four possibilities.

Thanks for considering this.

Shogi fan? Chess fan? Fan of the game Go? Like Japan? You should visit to play shogi.
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Public Forums >> Bug Reports & Feature Requests >>

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