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Daily Birthday List


Grayma V
Posts: 3569

new Posted: 07:56AM Feb 5, 2014

Jake, Several years ago you made it possible to check in a hurry who might be having a birthday on each current day. I have been in and out of Braingle because of my health, but whenever I am here I make it my duty to check to see if anyone is celebrating a birthday on that specific day. I have found that most of the listed names are old members who have not logged in for sometimes years. Having been here for quite sometime myself I may not recognize the younger members - it would be nice to have the birthday list more current, big job I know for an old lady to just have a current list I know. But in reading the list this morning I found the name Trayvon Martin - a well known name unfortunately. In checking because it even shows his picture as his avatar, I find that yes, today would have been his birthday. However, it also shows that he didn't become a member of Braingle until some time after his death. Ok so someone was just using his name, etc. but it is in such poor taste. Braingle is too important a site for so many people and I am offended that it appears Braingle appears to be so hurting for members that we are now accepting dead people. How or who has allowed this to happen?

The sound of the wild, but if there is no one there, does anyone hear their howls?
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Public Forums >> Bug Reports & Feature Requests >>

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