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hitchhiker teaser


Posts: 1

new Posted: 03:35AM Apr 18, 2013

You are standing on a lonesome stretch of highway in need of a ride to get some gas. several cars pass by of different colors and makes. two cars are blue(one is a Ford).
11 Cars go by that are gray and all of them but one is a Lexus(the other is a Dodge)
3 green chevy's and two semi's( one a Peterbilt) go by.
one rabbit hops across the deserted road.
What's the hitchhiker's name?
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Posts: 370

new Posted: 03:41PM Apr 18, 2013

I know, but I won't reveal it because of internet privacy, and I don't want to give it away to other people.

Who needs a witty signature anyway?
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Posts: 76

new Posted: 05:44PM Apr 18, 2013

I don't think you understand how teasers work. You submit them in the Brain Teasers section. Not in "Writing Teasers".


For the grammar-oriented people.

You are standing on a lonesome stretch of highway, in need of a ride to get some gas. Several cars pass by of many different colors and makes. Two cars are blue, of which one is a Ford. Eleven grey cars pass by, of which one is a Dodge and the rest are Lexus. Three green Chevys and two Semis go by, of which one of the semis is a Peterbilt. One rabbit also hops across the deserted road.

What is the hitchhiker's name?

Please use proper grammar, or these will NEVER be submitted.

---This message was edited on 05:48PM Apr 18, 2013---

"This thaw took a while to thaw, it's going to take a while to unthaw." -George W. Bush, on liquidity in the markets.
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