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Guidelines Sticky Questions


Posts: 2

new Posted: 09:28AM Jun 19, 2013

I'd like to propose a sticky with the following questions addressed. (If I forgot any, please feel free to add a question or questions.) I volunteer to write up a clear set of guidelines using a combination of clarifying methods such as clear examples, bullets, and tables. Thank you in advance for considering my proposal!

1. What country's rules of English does the site adhere to – American or British style?

For example, in American English one uses from with different (and sometimes than), whereas in British English, one can use to with different (and sometimes than).

American: In this respect, the Royal Academy is no different from any other major museum.
British: In this respect, the Royal Academy is no different to any other major museum.

(Sources: American: University of Houston's Grammatically Correct: Different from versus Different than by David Felts; British: "different to", "different than" by Mark Israel on

2. If American, what style does the site follow – APA, Chicago, or MLA?

3. If there is a no ampersand (&) rule, does it also apply to ampersands in works by artists or titles of films and television shows?

4. Where does the site stand on the following:

Commas in general – not just lists, etc., but also for phrases, clauses, and clarifying material

Commas and prepositional phrases – like the introductory clause above, "In this respect"

Commas and quotation marks – for example, the Internet generally follows newspaper, Chicago style for titles that uses quotation marks instead of italics for titles. Does the site have a rule about where to place commas in regard to titles that would normally be italicized?

5. Multiple answers in multiple choice questions: can we use Both 1 & 2 are correct?

6. Apostrophes | Possessives: does the site follow the pronunciation rule with words ending in s?

7. Might we designate validated go-to sites to answer usage questions? There are sites like the OWL at Purdue (the first Online Writing Lab); or Capital Community College's grammar site, commnet; or for British usage, Grammar at the University of Reading, or The University of Ottowa's Hypergrammar site. I also found great multi-purpose resources: American: Online Resources for Writers - Capital Community College; Canadian: Grammar, style and usage | Editors' Association of Canada.

NOTE: Due to a message telling me not to use words longer than 50 characters, I removed the URL links and replaced them with page titles as best I could.

Thanks again!
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Posts: 509

new Posted: 07:45AM Jun 20, 2013

There are short answers and long answers to most of your questions. The simplest solution is to become very familiar with the Quiz Making Guidelines, or QMG, for short. They can be found here.

That SHOULD answer most of your questions, but I will go over your post in finer detail and attempt to answer you more fully.

Thanks for your patience!

The difference between poison and medicine is usually a matter of dosage.
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Posts: 2

new Posted: 03:39PM Jun 21, 2013

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