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Ticked off Test Taker!!!! ***Problem with Quiz approval***


Posts: 5

new Posted: 11:51AM Nov 13, 2013

I created a test almost 3 weeks ago and it still hasn't been reviewed. I need it to be approved asap so i can get my 250 points so i can submit a teaser so i can get my positive karma arrow so i can host a who's the boss game. And the quiz creator says wait for UP TO 2 weeks for approval and its been MORE than 2 weeks. if you could please review it that would be great!
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Posts: 1877

new Posted: 03:21PM Nov 13, 2013

DaTrinity, do you know how many quizzes the quizmasters have to review? They have to review a lot. In fact, if one of my quizzes got accepted in two weeks, I would be surprised. So don't get too impatient, now, right?

Even in death, may you be triumphant.
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Posts: 5

new Posted: 11:53AM Dec 12, 2013

alright thanks. It was just my first time creating a quiz so i didnt know how long it should take so i went based of off the quiz creator instructions that say it should take up to 2 weeks. sorry for the rage!
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  Post from LogicalMath123 deleted on 03:03AM Apr 28, 2014.


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