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User Rankings by Year

New members will have a difficult time climbing the "All Users" rankings when compared to members that have been here for several years. To make things a little more fair, this list shows the rankings of users based on the year that they signed up. Users get points for submitting and voting on teasers and trivia quizzes. For a complete explanation of how points are earned, please read the Official Rules.

All Users Active Users Active By Year Editors Quizmasters Subscribers
Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Graduates


  Username Awards Score
16 The_SpiderAus* !! 192
17 Emma2662bd* ** 169
18 Thekid4t* ***! 116
19 GigglesA* 116
20 SilverWitch*us* 115
21 rob77*ca* ****! 90
22 slammngirl92*us* *!! 51
23 paparaziiiAat* 29
24 jackyskis 20
25 SgtKevin911Asv* * 18
26 determined11*us* ** 13

Only users with a score of at least 5 are shown. Seniors are users who have been a member of Braingle for 3-4 years.

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