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5:51 am

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lets see...a little about me!

I'd say that I'm not normal and I'm weird but so many people say that now a days that its becoming the new normal! now ask yourself this is weird is the new normal then what is considered weird? Normal? but that defeats the purpose of being weird!

I aboslutely love the WWG on this site (WTB can be fun too, but its not the same) and I more then enjoy ruffling the feathers of people who take the game far too seriously

IDK why I put the WWG stuff before this but meh im too lazy to change it

I'm 19 years old and I live in Texas, contrary to where I live I prefer the cold and rain to anything, specially water, I love water (not to drink I prefer tea)

I like to write as a hobby, along with confusing people and acting evil (yup thats right)

if I think of anything else to put on here then I will

This is the personal page of markus and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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