Awards & Icons

Registered users can earn points and special awards for completing certain actions or achieving certain goals. The jumbo awards are always displayed on a user's personal profile. The mini awards can optionally be displayed next to a user's name.

Once you have earned an award, you can choose to display it adjacent to your name on various parts of the website. Regular users are limited to having 5 displayed mini-awards. Subscribers are allowed to have up to 7 displayed mini-awards. To select which awards are displayed next to your name, please visit your account settings and use the "Pick Your Awards" link.

Informational Icons

Flags indicate which country the user is from. You can set your flag in your account preferences.
us gb ca au (see all flags...)

Age & Gender
You can set your age and gender in your account preferences. Blue and pink represent male/female. If you do not wish to set your gender, the icon will be grey. The age used to generate your icon, is the age that you will turn this year.
User is a child (12 and under)
User is a teen. (13 - 17)
User is an adult. (18+)
If you do not set your age, your gender will be represented with these icons: or

User has a birthday in the next 2 weeks.

User has been a member for 1 year.
User has been a member for 2 years.
User has been a member for 3 years.
User has been a member for 4 years.
User has been a member for 5+ years.

Karma is a reflection upon how well you act in the Braingle community. When you perform a positive action such as getting a teaser approved you will get a little positive karma . If you perform a negative action such as swearing in the chatrooms you will get a little negative karma . Every time you do something on Braingle it will be calculated into your karma value.
User has good karma.
User has bad karma.

Some users have their names printed in Bold or Super Bold. This signifies that these people are subscribers to Braingle.

User has administrative privileges over some part of Braingle.


Submitting Teasers
If you submit a brain teaser to Braingle, and it gets accepted, then you can earn increasing awards.

5 teasers

10 teasers

25 teasers

50 teasers

75 teasers

100 teasers

200 teasers

400 teasers

600 teasers

1,000 teasers

Submitting Quizzes
If you submit a quiz to Braingle, and it gets accepted, then you can earn increasing awards.

5 quizzes

10 quizzes

25 quizzes

50 quizzes

75 quizzes

100 quizzes

200 quizzes

400 quizzes

600 quizzes

1,000 quizzes

Voting on Teasers
Once you solve a brain teaser (or give up), you can vote on how fun or difficult the brain teaser was. Each vote is counted towards the following icons.

10 teaser votes

50 teaser votes

250 teaser votes

500 teaser votes

1,000 teaser votes

2,500 teaser votes

5,000 teaser votes

10,000 teaser votes

Taking Quizzes
Each time you take a quiz, you can earn a better hat. Take 10,000 quizzes and you will get the coveted graduation hat.

10 quizzes

50 quizzes

250 quizzes

500 quizzes

1,000 quizzes

2,500 quizzes

5,000 quizzes

10,000 quizzes

Submitted Teaser Rating

User's teasers rate at least 2.0 on average.

User's teasers rate at least 2.5 on average.

Submitted Quiz Rating

User's quizzes rate at least 2.0 on average.

User's quizzes rate at least 2.5 on average.

Playing certain games in our games section will allow you to earn the following game medals.

500 games played

5,000 games played

10,000 games played

You can earn points for referring friends to Braingle. Once you reach 5,000 recruiter points, you will get a free Braingle Subscription.

1 Recruiter points

100 Recruiter points

1,000 Recruiter points

5,000 Recruiter points

10,000 Recruiter points

20,000 Recruiter points

Teaser Editors
Each time a Teaser Editor reviews a brain teaser, it could earn them a better award.

1 teaser

500 teasers

2,500 teasers

5,000 teasers

10,000 teasers

20,000 teasers
Awarded for having been an editor in the past.

Each time a Quizmaster reviews a quiz, it could earn them a better award.

1 quiz

500 quizzes

2,500 quizzes

5,000 quizzes

10,000 quizzes

20,000 quizzes
Awarded for having been a quizmaster in the past.

Other Awards
Awarded for being an active moderator in the public forums.
Awarded for completing 1,000 approved Human Intelligence Tasks.

Game Awards
Game awards are earned for achieving certain requirements in our games. These awards are permanent, so they will not be taken away if you stop qualifying for it in the future.
Vocab Builder!Awarded for knowing at least 2000 words in Vocab Builder.
Hang Glider!Awarded for getting to 1000m in Hang Glider.
Pirates Booty!Awarded for getting to level 30 in Pirates Booty.
Sudoku!Awarded for completing a Sudoku puzzle in under 5 minutes.
Word Search!Awarded for solving 25 Word Search Puzzles.
Beanstalk!Awarded for getting to level 20 in Beanstalk.
Code Breaker!Awarded for solving the Insane Code Breaker level in 5 guesses or fewer.
Math Path!Awarded for solving at least 10 Extra Hard Math Path levels in under 30 seconds average.
Tetris!Awarded for clearing 500 lines in Tetris.
Disco!Awarded for getting to level 25 in Disco.
Cookie World!Awarded for having a networth of $2 million in Cookie World.
Chess!Awarded for earning 2,500 points in Chess.
Checkers!Awarded for earning 2,500 points in Checkers.
Food Fight!Awarded for being ranked in the top 10 in Food Fight.
Whos the Boss!Awarded for playing 20 games in the Who's the Boss game.
Werewolf!Awarded for playing 20 games in the Werewolf game.

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