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What is Karma?

Karma is a reflection upon how well you act in the Braingle community. When you perform a positive action such as getting a teaser approved you will get a little positive karma . If you perform a negative action such as swearing in the chatrooms you will get a little negative karma . Every time you do something on Braingle it will be calculated into your karma value.

The icons adjacent to your name show everyone your accumulated karma value. This can help you find friendly and helpful friends.

Additionally, users with too much bad karma will have their account restricted so they can no longer harm our community.

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What do you do about malicious or abusive users?

Every action that could effect the quality of content on Braingle is reviewed and validated before it is made permanent. Therefore, it is very unlikely that someone could negatively effect the quality of brain teasers or quizzes on this website.

Comments and postings in the forums, talkboxes and other posting areas are moderated to remove swear words and abusive remarks.

Everything that a user does on this website is tracked. If the website notices that a particular user has a trend of doing things that are not in the best interest of the website, this user will be blocked from performing those actions.

If you receive an offensive Private Message, please use the "blacklist" functionality to prevent this person from sending any more PMs to you in the future. If you witness someone being abusive in the chat room, please use the "ignore" button to block this person's comments from being displayed. If someone has created an offensive profile, wiki or posting somewhere on the website, please use the "report abuse" link adjacent to this offensive content.

Reporting abuse using these built in tools will flag the user's comments for review by the site administrator. Sending an email to the site administrator is not an effective way of reporting abuse because there is no audit trail to confirm the abuse.

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Why can't I chat, use the wiki, submit a teaser, or post in the Debate Hall?

In order to participate in certain areas of the website, you need to fulfill certain requirements in addition to being a registered member.

For the chat room, you need to have been a registered member for at least 1 week and have at least one good karma.

For the wiki, you need to have been a registered member for at least 2 weeks and have a score of at least 50.

To submit a brain teaser to the website, you need to have been a registered member for at least 1 week and have a score of at least 250.

To use the Debate Hall, you need to have at least one good karma.

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What do all the widgets in the Chat room do?

The drop down box labeled "Ignore" will allow you to ignore certain users in the chat room. Simply select their name and hit the "Go" button and you will no longer see anything that they type. To reverse the ignore, simple select their name and hit "Go" again. You can also use this widget to turn on and off "Private Mode". When "Private Mode" is on, you will only see messages that are whispered to you. The general chatter in the room will be invisible.

The "Hide Entries/Exits" checkbox will turn off the messages that are posted when a user enters or leaves the chatroom.

The "Sound" checkbox turns sounds on and off.

The "My color" widget allows you to change the color that your chat messages appear in.

The "Font size" widget allows you to enlarge or shrink the font size of your chat window.

The drop down box that is labeled "Speak" allows you to change whether you are speaking to everyone, or just whispering to one person. When you whisper to someone, nobody else in the room can see what you are typing.

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The chat room isn't working. Why?

The chat room requires that you have the Macromedia Flash plugin installed (located here).

The chat room opens in a smaller popup window. Some popup blockers will block this window. We suggest that you turn off popup blocking for Braingle. Since Braingle will never serve a popup advertisement (we promise!), you have nothing to worry about from allowing popups from this website.

Additionally, users of the website who have bad behavior may be blocked from the chat room.

If you get a connection error after the chat window loads, then it is likely that you have a firewall that is blocking it. Firewalls are very commonly installed at businesses, schools, or internet hotspots. Additionaly, many operating systems and broadband modems have built in firewalls. If you have access to your firewall, try opening up port 10000. This is the port that Braingle's chat room uses.

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