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hey, watch out for the snake in the grass

Submitted by cartoon
Darn! I paid them to PAINT the car, not PLANT it!

Submitted by americangirl06
Here we get a rare look at the Beetle in it's natural habitat.

Submitted by andilaine
And they all said that I couldn't grow a thing?

Submitted by tmosley
"Herbie Fully Camo'd"

Submitted by RiddleMeThis91
Ahh, Camoflauge, Herbie's getting smarter

Submitted by Poseidon
this chia pet thing has gone way too far!

Submitted by morganik
special forces transport for stealth jungle missions

Submitted by
couldn't afford a car so i made this and put some wheels under it and people will think i'm hidding "my car"

Submitted by hottie37
Hey, you got something on your car!

Submitted by glenn222
When we said we wanted a leaf-green car-we meant the color

Submitted by simpleplan
Earthworm Man finally gets his equivalnt of a Batmoblie.

Submitted by Mogmatt16
Herbie the Chia Pet!

Submitted by
Mother Nature realizes that she made a big mistake.

Submitted by Book-Kat
WARNING! Don't park your car for too long... it may sprout roots!

Submitted by FerretGirl
For the vegetarian on the go!

Submitted by animal_luver_04
a new type of car security.

Submitted by
Edward ScissorHand gets a job in manufacturing.

Submitted by proteosome
"I knew I left the fertilizer in the car!"

Submitted by jasminnm
The 70s had it all... VW Bugs and shag carpet!

Submitted by thistlechick
Bob never thought getting his car painted "forest green" meant this.

Submitted by bigsisjune
Finally a "true" eco-friendly car!

Submitted by eelliott2
"Dude, I think it's time to wash your car."

Submitted by ghodhereek
Mike was sure he'd sell his VW in a couple of days. Twenty years later, he's still waiting.

Submitted by snaps

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