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Photo Caption Game

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Joe bunched his fists and prepared to tenderize the meat.

Submitted by Davegle
Excuse me, I'm looking for this cow, about yeaaa long, and... oh, there she is! No? My Miss Steak.

Submitted by tpg76
Farmer Brown was such a big fan of the LA Lakers that he decided to paint Bessie's spots purple.

Submitted by hollymo
FARMER: Why do you have purple spots? COW: Why do you have that ugly yellow hat? FARMER: Touche

Submitted by geninkitty
Man: Watch out cow. I'm gonna tip you. Cow: Damn city folk.

Submitted by Izzie
It's sad when your only friends are plastic cows. Of course, it's even sadder when you plastic, too.

Submitted by bookworm91
Man: You are a child's play thing! Cow: You are a sad, strange little man. (This caption is from the animated Disney movie "Toy Story".)

Submitted by RiddleMeThis91
Cow tipping is most effective when fists are clenched. Formal attire is not necessary. The bell alerts you to when the cow has "tipped".

Submitted by
Eventually, The Man in the Yellow Hat got tired of George's curious antics and found himself a more docile pet.

Submitted by DaddyOuizle
rock...paper...scissors... dang it, we both picked rock again!

Submitted by jesus_freak
COW: mr. farmer? i thought you were taking me to the pastures...wait, is this seat made of LEATHER???

Submitted by social_girl
"Why are you wearing a bell?" "Because my horns don't work."

Submitted by FreddyPharkas
Betsy, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

Submitted by silvashadez

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