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Come on, we can fit one more, one more, one more, one more..........

Submitted by
Something went terribly wrong with this Transformer.

Submitted by Marklg
When cars form a conga line...

Submitted by BinaryHedgehog
When your tow trucks have to be towed... *gasp* ELEVEN!

Submitted by MDCTeasers
The trucks falls over.

Submitted by garrettcox
The lengths some people will go to save money on gas...

Submitted by oddrey
I said I needed twenty-two bucks not twenty blue trucks!

Submitted by glenn222
How many trucks could a flatbed truck, if a flatbed could truck trucks?

Submitted by savala277
Redneck's limo

Submitted by grilledcheese
Ironically, what you're looking at is a safety recall...

Submitted by Holymonky
Overheard from the white car: "Mommy, what is that blue truck doing to that other blue truck?"

Submitted by Scubee
Vernon didn't graduate at the top of his class at law school, but he sure could recognize 9 potential whiplash lawsuits when he saw them.

Submitted by wyoguy
What the truck?

Submitted by rbarnes46970
OK...buying in bulk makes sense, but seriously...

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
And this is how Mitsubishis reproduce...

Submitted by neves_rebmun
Do I see a blonde in the driver's seat?

Submitted by King_of_Smart
the occupants of the white car overheard the truck driver singing: "... and if 1 of those trucks should happen to fall, only 9 blue trucks left that i have to haul...

Submitted by dogg6pound9
When Smurf & Transformer collide..........

Submitted by NANG
Well, I think we know what this truck driver would do for a Klondike bar.

Submitted by hollymo

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