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After the rain, Tekwanu the rain god appeared in the form of a dog. But no one noticed

Submitted by binah
I bet that stupid gecko thinks he's so smart right now!

Submitted by luckylefty
All I can say is, I'm glad we didn't try the fold-up monster truck.

Submitted by brain23
After heavy rains, Bill found Buddy protecting his pick-up.

Submitted by Aimi
The car was a tragic loss. The hamster the cat would've gotten anyway...

Submitted by kiTykat111
So they reckoned I couldn't catch one of these "off-road" vehicles eh?

Submitted by Jimbo
Typical, first I flood the engine and now I have a flat.

Submitted by MrIxolite
Man, and I thought Ginger said she would jump IN not ON!

Submitted by simpleplan
Roll over, Roll over.

Submitted by bluegrasss
This time the truck got hit by a dog.

Submitted by TRIANGLE
Do to a few minor glitches the Seeing Eye Dog drivers assistance program has been postponed for further road testing.

Submitted by od-1
after leaving the dog outside during the rain, Tom didn't expect what he saw the next morning......

Submitted by richmantom
I'd tried to tell them your supposed to put the boat in the water and leave the Truck on the bank

Submitted by firesky
Hello, OnStar?

Submitted by cyberstar5150
Okay! I admit it...........I can't drive.

Submitted by Spider-man20

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