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Card Games > President


Other Names:Scum, Bum, Capitalism, Emperors And Scum, Rich Man, Poor Man, Root Beer, Warlords And Scumbags
Players:3 - 7
More details: (external link)
Wikipedia (external link)
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Players race to get rid of all of the cards in their hands in order to become President in the following round. Each player must pass or play some cards that beat the hands played previously.

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posted 3141 days ago

@ the alternate names!


posted 3141 days ago

I love this game, one of the best ever!


posted 3141 days ago

I haven't played in... two/three years, I think, but I remember loving this game when I did play it quite often!

posted 3116 days ago

i love this game one of my friends just taught me how to play the other day....


posted 3066 days ago

This is me and my friends lunch game most of the time. Though we play big two or thirteen sometimes too.


posted 3030 days ago

i so dumb i always want to know how to play this game but i never knew it was so simple. i always imagined it would be really complicated


posted 2955 days ago

I played this befor and it is awesome

posted 2938 days ago


posted 2899 days ago

how do i actually play the game. i dont see a link to click


posted 2866 days ago

sweet as man


posted 2866 days ago

i luv this

posted 2831 days ago

how do u play ??????


posted 2813 days ago

this game is awesome i have already played it before and i loved it well how bout you


posted 2813 days ago


posted 2758 days ago


posted 2735 days ago

i luv president i play it all the time w/ my friends. it is a great game! we play with (depending on # of ppl) president, vice, secretary, janitor


posted 2735 days ago

Ah, I know this one by the name of "Capitalism". If I do say so myself, I am **amazing** at this game.


posted 2692 days ago

I've also heard of this game as "butt"


posted 2681 days ago

its sooo easy and boring!


posted 2650 days ago

I call the game "Butt". I play it with my cousins as President, Vice Pres, Citizen, Vice Butt and Butt! LOL


posted 2625 days ago



posted 2531 days ago

it wont let me play!!!! its not comin up!


posted 2501 days ago

1 of my fave card games but we call it a**hole!

posted 2284 days ago

how the heck do you start?


posted 2196 days ago

weres the game, its not there


posted 2141 days ago

XD you guys are so silly
This section of braingle tells you how to play the games, not gives you a place to play them


posted 2120 days ago

Used to play this game in the caf at lunch in high school all the time, but like abuseannabelle259. we called it A-Holle. T His is game and euchre helped us pass a lot of hours at lunch and was the one place the 'geeks', 'nerds', 'preps', 'artsies' 'jocks', and 'druggies', all forgot our labels and roles and played games together and got along. Outside the caf, you did not associate with someone outside your clique, but during the lunch hour card games, no one cared who was who. Lots of good memories.


posted 1965 days ago

This game is in Fruits Basket, it sounds awesome i cant wait to try it.


posted 1841 days ago

where is the link to play?


posted 1801 days ago

hahaha i play this game but COOL KIDS! Call it, Rich man Poor Man!


posted 1472 days ago

Nyan nyan nyan!>Ɛ:[,,_,,]=~
Nyan Cat!


posted 1033 days ago

i was hoping to try this game but it decides not to SHOW UP so i cant ply it


posted 59 days ago


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