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Card Games > Streets and Alleys


Other Names:Beleaguered Castle, Laying Siege, Sham Battle
More details: Wikipedia (external link)
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Beleaguered Castle is a solitaire card game played with a deck of 52 playing cards.

First, the player has to remove the aces from the deck and align them vertically without overlapping them. They form the foundations. Then cards are dealt to the left and right of the aces, forming eight rows of six overlapping cards each.

The top card of each row (the cards that are exposed) is available for play either on the foundations or on any other row. The foundations are built up to Kings in suit with the rows are bulit down regardless of suit. Once a row becomes empty, it is filled by any card.

The game is won when all of the cards are built onto the foundations. But this is easier said than done because most games are doomed to fail in just a few moves. [Wikipedia]

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posted 2350 days ago

I do not know this game. But the name is funny!


posted 2350 days ago



posted 2350 days ago

I don't know what "lol" means.


posted 2298 days ago

laugh out loud


posted 1958 days ago

Okay I do not understand how you are supposed to play this at all. The insturctions aren't very good.

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