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Rules for "The Werewolf Game"

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"The Werewolf Game" is a social game that involves the interactions of an informed minority with an uninformed majority. The object of the game is to eliminate the Werewolves before they eat all the Humans.

Overview of Game Play

The players are divided into two groups: Werewolves and Humans. Each round consists of a day and a night. During the day, everyone discovers who was eaten during the previous night and discusses who they think is a Werewolf. At dusk, a vote is taken and one player is shot with a silver bullet (the only way to kill a werewolf). During the night, the Werewolves pick one Human to eat. This player is out of the game and the round is over. The game continues until all the Werewolves have been eliminated, or until there are an equal number of Werewolves and Humans, at which point the Werewolves eat everyone.

Identities are distributed randomly at the start of the game. There will be roughly 4 Humans for every 1 Werewolf.

During the night, everyone is asleep, so nobody is allowed to post messages to the game.


The Werewolves know who the other Werewolves are, but their identity is a secret from the Humans. If you are a Werewolf, you don't want the Humans to find out.

During the day, a Werewolf should act like a human. At the same time, they should try to protect themselves and the other Werewolves from being shot with the silver bullet. A Werewolf will vote, along with the Humans, to select someone to be shot with a silver bullet.

During the night, each Werewolf transforms into their animal form. A secret vote is taken and the Human with the most votes is eaten.


The Humans do not know the identity of anyone else in the game. Through discussion, it is the Humans goal to identify the Werewolves and eliminate them.

During the day, everyone discusses who they think is a werewolf. A vote is taken and one player (hopefully a Werewolf) is shot with a silver bullet.

During the night, the Humans sleep. When everyone wakes up, one Human will have been eaten.


One of the Humans is a powerful Seer who can divine the identity of one player per day. During the day the Seer may select one player to magically identify. If the Seer survives the night, they will be given the identity of that player during the next morning.

The Seer votes along with everyone else. If the Seer is eaten, they are out of the game and their divining abilities are no longer available.


During the day portion of each round, everyone votes for a Werewolf to shoot with a silver bullet. All voting is done in public, so everyone knows who everyone else voted for. You may change your vote at any time before the voting ends. The voting will end instantly as soon as any player has a majority of the votes. If no majority is reached by the voting deadline, the player with the most votes will be chosen.

During the night portion of each round, the Werewolves vote to eat one person. This voting is done secretly. The werewolves are not allowed to talk to each other and they will not know who the other werewolves voted for. Each werewolf will pick the top 3 people that they want to eat. Once all the votes are in, or the deadline has been reached, the votes will be tallied and one Human will be eaten.

Because of the "online now" list at the bottom of the website, the end of the night round will be delayed by several hours to prevent players from figuring out who the Werewolves are based on who is online when the round ends.

In the event of a tied vote, someone will be chosen at random.


Werewolves Win: This happens when the number of Werewolves is equal to or more than the number of Humans.

Humans Win: This happens when the last Werewolf has been eliminated.

Private Games

The moderator has the option to create a private game. Only friends of the moderator will be allowed to signup for these games.


Do not reveal information about other players that is not readily posted and available to everyone online. If you know another player in real life, please know that they may wish to keep parts of their life private. Also, if you know information about another player from a private talkbox, please make sure that you are only revealing information that everyone on Braingle has access to. Please let them reveal information about themselves that is not found online already. Other players might not want the information public knowledge. Please respect each others privacy even if this information will eliminate the other player from suspicion. The other player may wish to remain a suspect for reasons and strategy of their own.

Outside conversations

What happens here must stay here. There shall be absolutely no outside discussion regarding the game. Alliances are not permitted. Anyone caught conspiring together privately in the chat room or outside talkboxes may be eliminated by the Moderator.

The only exception to this rule is if you are a family member of a child younger than 13 who is a new player. You may explain the game to your young player and answer their questions regarding rules, etc. The young player must make all of their own decisions regarding voting for themselves, and they must vote privately. Of course, any special identity that you have in the game must remain secret from the young player.

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