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Air Plane, Ground Beef

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#16848
Fun:*** (2.45)
Difficulty:*** (2.73)
Submitted By:airhead3***
Corrected By:cnmne




Pete the Pilot was trading flying stories with Aaron the Arrogant, when Aaron started in on a particularly juicy tale: "Well, I got that story beat. There I was, rolling down the runway for takeoff in my Piper Twin Comanche. Suddenly, as I was approaching takeoff speed, a cow just ambled onto the runway right in front of me! I pulled back hard on the controls and got into the air, and I swear I don't know how I didn't graze that cow's back! He he, 'graze,' no pun intended", Aaron deadpanned, elbowing Pete jokingly. Sensing he was losing his audience, though, Aaron quickly continued, "But that's not all! To top it off, not 5 seconds after takeoff, my left engine quit on me!" To this, Pete raised an eyebrow in interest. Aaron gestured self-assuredly as he went on, "Thankfully, I was able to use my skill and lightning reflexes to save the situation. I immediately went to full power on my right engine and pulled the nose up to keep the plane in the air and all I had to do was make a quick turn to land on the perpendicular runway to my left", Aaron finished with great gusto. Pete, with an amused look on his face, said, "Well, that's a great story, Aaron, but because you are sitting here telling it, I know it didn't actually happen." How does Pete know?

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