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Twist Again!

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#25229
Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:*** (2.55)
Submitted By:tjm531*****
Corrected By:scallio




The American Jukebox Twist Contest has been the talk of local high schools for weeks, so it's no surprise that Arnold's Diner is jammed full with twisting teenagers hoping to take home the trophy. The competition is going to be fierce, as eight pairs of champion twisters, each from a different school, have entered. As the makeshift dance floor fills with poodle skirts and blue suede shoes, each couple was asked to request a different song to be played during the marathon, which is expected to last long into the night. From the information provided, name the young man and young woman who make up each couple, determine the high school each pair attends and the song they requested.

You will need to draw out a rectangular 2 x 4 grid (A - D on top, E - H on bottom) with the center line representing a row of tables in order to help determine who was in what position on the dance floor.

Positions: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

Boys: Bill, Curt, Danny, Donald, George, Ricky, Steve, Tony

Girls: Cindy, Jenny, Laurie, Laverne, Nancy, Sheryl, Veronica, Wendy

Schools: Jefferson, Lakewood, Lincoln, Oceanside, Riverdale, Roosevelt, Washington, Westerberg

Songs: "Let's Twist Again", "The Peppermint Twist", "Twist and Shout", "Twist, Twist, Senora", "The Twist", "Twistin' USA", "Twisting the Night Away", "Dear Lady Twist"

1. Bill and his partner aren't the couple representing Washington High (which isn't Laurie's school). Neither George (who isn't dancing with Wendy) nor Tony attends Roosevelt High.

2. The couples in positions C, F, and H requested "Twist and Shout", "Dear Lady Twist," and "Twistin' USA", in some order. The couple from Lakewood High, who requested "Twist and Shout", isn't in position F.

3. Donald and his partner (who aren't the Oceanside High students) requested "The Peppermint Twist". Wendy and her partner requested "Twisting the Night Away". Cindy and her partner (who attend Lincoln High) requested "Twistin' USA".

4. Curt and his partner, the Roosevelt High couple, and Sheryl and her partner are all dancing on the same side of the tables.

5. Ricky and the couple from Roosevelt High are dancing at diagonally opposite ends of the restaurant. Bill and the Twist champions from Jefferson High are the other pairs dancing at diagonally opposite ends of the restaurant.

6. Couples A, D, E, and H are Laverne and her partner, Jenny and her partner, the couple who attend Washington high, and the ones who requested "Twist, Twist Senora", in some order.

7. Sheryl isn't immediately next to either Nancy or her partner or Laverne and her partner. Cindy is immediately next to, and due right of, Steve and his partner.

8. Nancy and her partner (who attend Westerberg High) are directly across the tables from the Washington High couple; one of these couples requested "Dear Lady Twist". The couple in position A requested "Let's Twist Again".

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