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Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#12132
Fun:*** (2.77)
Difficulty:*** (2.23)
Submitted By:flynn***
Corrected By:Mogmatt16




The bank where Elmer and Pearl live just got a shiny, new ATM. So, they decided they had to get one of them-there cards so they could get their money any time--even on Sunday-going-to-Church day.

But, when the manager said pick a 7-digit number that you won't forget, and don't use your birthday, etc. they had a problem. They were not good at remembering stuff. What to do! What to do! Then the light came on!

Elmer picked 1058421.
Pearl picked 6060247.

They exchange information on how they would remember their numbers.

Pearl said, "That's a real handy number, Elmer. But I think mine is more timely."

Can you figure out what they were using for a memory jog?

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May 19, 2003

Very fun teaser!
May 21, 2003

ATM= A Teaser Masterpiece
May 22, 2003

good one, but how anyone could get that without lokking at the answer, i will never know.
May 24, 2003

I didnt like it but thankx for calling it "the atm" and not "the atm machine" cause then it would be "the auto-matic teller mcahine machine" hehe
(user deleted)
May 27, 2003

Yours was really cool!
May 31, 2003

Wow, awesome teaser
(user deleted)
Jun 01, 2003

i thought it would have something to do w/ church, but obviously i was WAY off
Jun 02, 2003

Given the dialect, somehow I doubt that Pearl would use a word like "timely."
Jun 04, 2003

Pearl's number was obvious, but the other one I figured out that 10 and 5 where my hand fingers, but never occured to me to divide them into fingers and thumbs, because for me thumbs are fingers (sort of).
Jun 07, 2003

Hey, I thought that was cool...but did you realize you put automatic teller machine machine? its because ATM already has the word machine in it, but an overall good teaser.
Jun 21, 2003

Very fun! I love it!
Oct 11, 2004

Wow, a teaser I managed to solve, without looking at the hint, even! I'm so proud of myself.

Great teaser!
Oct 11, 2004

Best teaser I've read in a while, great teaser
(user deleted)
Oct 11, 2004

I liked it . . . it's simplicity was cloaked in a little intrigue . . . well done javascript:emoticon('')
Oct 11, 2004

I'm in exactly the same situation as Willy Mapo... got the 2nd one easy, and got the 10 and 5, but didn't really think about the 8, 4, 2 or 1. Good, but I think the first was a bit impossible lol...
Oct 11, 2004

haha! that was a good one! but I don't think you needed to put that hint in because it was kinda obvious what the hint was. Contrary to some people, I got the first one easy, but I never thought of the second one. Fun, though!
Oct 11, 2004

that was a crafty idea! lol
Oct 29, 2004

Good One, I felt so stupid when I saw the answer
Jun 29, 2008

Terrible. A good riddle should never require guess work.

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