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The King of It's

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#12785
Fun:** (1.96)
Difficulty:*** (2.51)
Submitted By:dsquared*nz****




What expression is represented here?

King of It's
Ace of definitely

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Jun 02, 2003

Explain how "It's Definitely" is ON the Ace and King (Cards)?
Jun 02, 2003

What do you say when you have cards in your hand Codammanus... I have the King of Hearts or I have the Ace of spades. Well in this scenario you have the King of 'Its' and the Ace of 'Definitely' therefore they are both 'on' these cards. I thought it was fairly obvious hence the reason I didn't add the explanation to the answer but maybe I was wrong there. Pity you voted it as not popular as it was only because you didn't really understand the answer by the looks. Oh well, never mind. Thanks for stopping by though.
Jun 02, 2003

Sorry, I forgot to add oh well never mind... my fault for not adding an explanation.
Jun 02, 2003

Well, at least I didn't deny your difficulty rating! Thanx for the explanation. Now, although is makes perfect sense (now), I must say this is a wierd way of saying somethig is "On the cards" Probably because, while I've heard people say "I've got diamonds" or "I've got hearts" I've never heard "I have diamonds on the cards" or "I have hearts on the cards" or for that matter "I have the hearts on the kings on my cards" If It didn't make me smile, (enjoy it fully) what am I SUPPOSED to do? However, if it was difficult, regardless of reason, I feel obligated to give it Full ????'s, as I did here. Hope you understand.
Jun 02, 2003

....And one outta two ain't bad! (Unless of course, we're talking about Lungs, or Limbs).
Jun 02, 2003

LOL re: lungs and limbs. Yep, no worries and I have no problem with it as I said, it's my fault for not including an explanation. I guess the one thing I would say is that whilst it isn't something you would normally say, that's not the idea behind a rebus. If the construction of it leads to you being able to say that.. ie. It's and Definitely were 'on' these cards then it's fair enough.
Jun 04, 2003

Heh... looks like I made a mistake being a little too honest. This teaser is getting hammered. Hey, I didn't say I thought it was 'bad', just missing a little expl maybe. You reckon this is an 'unfun' rebus, you wanna rate some others on the site! ;o) .
Jun 04, 2003

Bobbrt, I don't think OTHERS have learned to be AS HONEST. If you don't have fun, then .....ok, I can understand that. However, if you are upset because you were TOTALLY STUMPED (which I think is the case), then keep your smilies, but don't hold back the Difficulty. That's what I've seen happen here a lot. You can't be upset because you didn't get it, and then rate it like you actually knew the answer too! Not fair.
Jun 04, 2003

Lol Coda.. I think you made a little booboo ;o). Check again who made that comment that you responded to, Bobbrt is nowhere to be seen. Heh, now he's copping flack for something he didn't even do, he can't win. ;P
Jun 04, 2003

....(LOL) Got me there. But, really, all you LEVEL 3-ers LOOK alike! ( Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)....>
Jun 08, 2003

Loved the conversation as well as the teaser, was a bit tough, but that's the point right?
Jun 09, 2003

NICE TEASER! I like it.-sunnyfunny
Aug 01, 2005

Got It! Thanks For A GREAT Teaser!
Aug 01, 2005

Feb 17, 2006

never heard that phrase,,
i have heard it's in the cards,,,
lots of interesting comments
Feb 19, 2006

aaah yes, I was in fact just reading these the other day. Coda was one of 'those' users we reminisce about from time to time

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